Chapter 15

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At the hospital

"Karla has suffered massive injury. She will be staying in the hospital for minimum a month. After surgery she won't be able to walk again."

"At the moment she can't move her head, hand or legs. She wont be speaking at all also."

"Are you her guardian?" The doctor asked me

"Yes I am Kim NamJoon, her legal guardian"

"Can i visit her?" I asked hoping i could

"Yes you can. she is in room 276"

"Karla? We will get through this ok? I promise you when you wake up i will be right here beside you like i always have been"

I kissed her forehead and laid my head on her hand

He stole Karla's heart. She finally excepted his love for her after living a life filled with unworthy men. Her ex
shot her 3 times and now she is in the hospital.


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