Chapter 14

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Wedding day

"Ok just a few more touches and we are done" Seo Hyun my makeup artist told me

I look into the mirror. So this is how mother felt huh? The feeling to marry someone.

To get involve in their lives without knowing how your relationship would end up.

The wedding ceremony went well. No sign of my ex.

"Karla" NamJoon called me

He kissed my forehead and told me "We will get through this together ok? He won't stop us remember?"

I held his hand and we got to the main hall to meet up with family members.

There he was. My ex. Behind my parents.

He stood there with a gun behind my parents. He pointed it at their heads.

"Stop!" I yelled

"Please. Please stop"


"Dont do this" i interrupted. How could Karla love a phsyopath all these while.

Her ex then pointed the gun at me.

"Please dont shoot him" Karla cried into her palms.

"I wont" her ex said

The bullet was shot hitting Karla once on her shoulder. Bang.

Second bullet hitting her knee. Bang.

Third bullet hitting her chest.

Her ex then fled out of sight.

"Someone please call the ambulance" came Hoseok

"I will" said Taehyung

"Please karla dont give up on me" i cried holding her hands.

Her heart beat slowing down and down and down

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