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making it back safely and pleasent dreams

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Weeks past by since they escape the forest and were now back to being home but when they were finally about to be there they were surrounded by people once they pass by there school it was like about the time they should leaving.

"Sasuke naruto Sasukie menma gaara where were were you 5" someone says as they looked at the 5 who looked at the person "we were kidnapped during the party" Sasukie says as he frowned.

"What how" ino asked "I didn't expect the great Sasuke Uchida could get kidnapped" shikamaru says "what ever you shut up" Sasuke says as he frowned unhappily "wow naruto you must if had a hard time getting out of the building hmm" kiba says as naruto started shaking "y-ya" he stuttered and menma glared at kiba "we don't want to talk about our kidnappings" menma says as he hugged his brother, naruto looked around ashe was sort of panicking as he spotted Sasuke he really needed help but he just ran for it Sasuke followed behind the blond.

"What happened to naruto-kun" hinata asks as she looked at menma "bad things happened a lot" Sasukie says as menma nodded "can we not talk about that though what did we miss for these past weeks" menma asked as "oh a lot I'll take you to principle tsunada" ino says as she smiled and walked to the office with the 3 behind her.

With naruto and Sasuke they arrived at the house and entered as naruto just crashed on the floor as his ears were lowered and all nine of his tails were now lifeless soon Sasuke ran over to naruto "hey naru calm down OK I'm here" Sasuke says as he kneeled down and picked up naruto who just now turned into a fox "it's ok calm down" Sasuke says petting naruto softly calming as he wagged his 9 tails softly.

"Calm now" Sasuke asks as naruto nodded and purred.

After a while they got a snack to eat before sleeping together on the couch after a long day of walking as menma and Sasukie walking in they spotted the two sleeping as they smiled "cute" menma muttered softly.

Sasukie looked at menma before smiling "let's put these papers away ok" he says heading down the hall putting Sasuke's and naruto's homework on Sasuke's desk then left for him room menma was waiting patently.

"Let's began our hom....." menma didn't finish his sentence as he was kissed by Sasukie "let's do it later I want alone time with my baby" Sasukie says as he pushed menma slowly on the bed and they soon both smirked "ok daddy~" menma says as they stared into each other's eyes.

Sasuke woke up as naruto was panting heaving "not again naruto wake up" sasuke says as he got up picking up the blond and held him close "calm down ok calm down" sasuke whispered softly into the blond fox ear with worked thankfully.

As Naruto woke up he looked at sasuke and touched the uchiha's cheek as if checking to see if he was real. "S-sasuke....I'm scared" Naruto says as sasuke hugged him "everything will be OK" sasuke says as he rubbed Naruto's back only to just now he was freaking naked "uh Naruto" sasuke says as he looked at the confused blond as Naruto was slowly settle down leaving the confused, fox on the couch as sasuke came back and rapped him in a blanket before walking off again.

Naruto soon caught on as he blushed madly unable to to even progress what was going on as he ram to his room and put clothes on before meeting sasuke.

Naruto's POV

I'm so embarrassed I can belive this....

Wait....don't tell me I was sleeping on him naked oh this day is the worst how can I ever face him agian.....

'Wait Naruto get ahold of yourself you are Naruto uzumaki the trouble maker though yoh going threw some condition but your fine' I thought to myself before entering the room "hey sasuke" I said as sasuke stopped what he was doing "hey...come on we got homework to do" sasuke says as I walked over to him I wasn't really happy about the homework think I hate home work.

"No" I said "no ramen then" sasuke says oh no my weakness I haven't had ramen in for ever I think I forgot how that taste like sasuke you meanie "no I want ramen" I said "do your homework than and you get ramen" sasuke says that jerk "ugh fine" I said sitting down.

"Good" he says "if you need any help ask me ok" he says as he went back to work and to tell the truth I didn't hnderstand a single thing well a few things but not a lot so I'm totally confused by it all "i can't understand this at all" I said "ok dobe what ya need help with" sasuke asks as he sat beside me "everything" I wined.

After finishing our homework sasuke left his room while I just laid on his bed and relaxed I'm to scared to fall asleep cause of the nightmares I'd get ice been having them a lot more than usual wonder why.

But anyway I can't stay awake for long I'm sleepy.


"Hey naruto wake up let's go" someone calls as I opened my eyes to see my brother who looked super happy and excited "what is it" I asked "let's wake up kyuu" menma says wagging his 9 tails happily "uh ok let's go" I said.

We high five each other but soon I relized how young we looked right now.

Making to a big door menma got on all four "here step on my back" he says as I did so and opened the door.

Once opened we ran over to his bed as we turned into Fox cubs and made our way up.

Making it to out destination we pounced on him happily "wake up kyuu nya!"


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