Chapter 17

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The next morning I woke to find myself alone. Dean was gone and so was my good mood.

"Don't sulk, he went to work," my mother said.

"He could have woke me to say goodbye," I mumbled.

"An earthquake wouldn't wake you, you are too used to the noise of this place."

I was still grumpy by midday.

"Massive sulk alert," Dean said behind me. My mum had told him I was sulking.

"Where did you go?" I asked running into his arms like a big baby.

"Work, I told you I would be back after my meeting."

"No you didn't."

"Yes I did. When I was using your toothbrush and razors in the bathroom. Crap razors."

"Ooohhh I thought I dreamt that," I replied having a mini flash back.

"I'm going to get changed, stick the kettle on," he said heading off to my room. I smiled, loving the idea he was in my room getting changed... like it was our room. I even squealed a little in excitement. Last night had been cuddles, feathered kisses and baby rubs.

"Did you park your car around back?" I yelled.

"Yeah your mum gave me a pass to get around there this morning!"

"Have you got work tomorrow?"


"Have you got plans?"

"No, why?"

"I thought I could make us dinner tomorrow and your nan could come to the show tonight and stay over so she could join us."

"Where would she sleep?"

"There is a spare bed in the back room. My mum had just finished clearing it out and I am just finishing making it pretty. You can help."

"Online shopping again. How much shopping can you do in a week?"

I grimaced. "Erm...."

"Shit I am hiding my credit cards."

"I am bored, I can't help it. By the way two more packages came today they are down stairs can you bring them up?"

He walked into the kitchen and frowned before going to get them. I had left them down there as I wanted him to open them and if I brought them up I wouldn't be able to resist.

"What are they?" he asked coming in with them.

"Open them," I said smiling. "They are for you."

He was straight into them like a kid at Christmas.

"Oh my god how tiny is that," he said holding up a baby blue grow. "Ahhhhh I love it," he said noting the front. "Baby Beaumont." He could be so girly it made me laugh. "Is he really going to be that small?" I nodded and saw his face become a mixture of fear and excitement.

"Next one!" I said.

He ripped through it. Holding up a T-Shirt. "DADDY'S BOY" it said and underneath was a print of our best scan picture. The one he loved where you could see his junk.

He didn't say anything as he was too busy kissing me... yippee!

Our argument a week ago long forgotten as we snogged along the hallway and into my room. Falling onto the bed like over amorous teenagers.

"I brought a lock for the door too," I said nodding towards it. He was up and bolting it in no time.

His new top was pulled over his head and dropped to the floor on the way back. God I loved his chest!

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