Chapter 12

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"You seem in good spirits," my mum said the following morning when I walked down to the bar.

"Yeah," I said smiling.

"Make yourself useful and wipe down those tables. You are pregnant not an invalid."

"Bed rest remember," I teased before hurrying over to clear them as she towel whipped me.

"Girls get yourselves up on that stage and rehearse," my mother yelled to the two new girls.

I collected the glasses and put them on the bar. Wiped down the tables and moved to the next.

"Take this," Yolanda said passing me the hoover to get under my tables.

"Where is Leanne?" I asked as she was the cleaner.

"Hospital, that ex of hers turned up and threw her down the stairs," she replied.


"Yeah, I've hexed him," she said as though that made it all ok.

"He threw her down the stairs?" I was still stunned.

"Pushed!" my mum called over the noise of the hoover.

"Wanker!" I yelled back as I hovered up the mess. "Whoever sat here is a right pig, put a catcher bib on them next time or sit them at a trough."

"Did you take all your tablets?" my mum yelled.

"Yeah, why, can you hear me rattling as I hoover?" I asked looking up at her and stopping dead.

There was Dean and his nan.

"Don't stop just cos your boyfriend is here, you know the rules," my mother said nodding for me to carry on. "And don't rush it either or I'll make you do it again."

Like a complete idiot I reformed to teenager and actually continued to clean until I heard her laughing. I turned it off and walked over.

"Hello sweetheart," Dean grandmother said rushing to meet me. "Sorry to interrupt your chores but I had to talk to you both and help sort this out."

She hugged me.

"He is in a foul mood with me for me bringing him here," she whispered into my ear as she hugged me. "I told him I was taking him for breakfast. He has sulked all the way and not just because I drove."

I laughed and looked over at him. He looked very uncomfortable stood at the bar. Like a child being dragged along and forced to apologise to someone. He soon perked up a bit as Yolanda's cat 'Grey' walked across the bar to rub his head on Deans arm. Dean casually picked the cat up and gave him a fuss. Everyone stared as 'Grey the stray' who hated everyone let Dean giving him a good chin tickle as he lay back in his arms like a baby.

"That man has my blessing and Grey's," Yolanda said as I walked past.

I smiled as I walked towards him and he put the cat back on the bar.

"This is a nice surprise," I said reaching up to give him a hug.

"It is?" he asked taken back by my response.

"Yeah, I was going to invite you over today to meet my mum and have dinner so you saved me a call," as that was precisely what I had planned to do. "Plus we have some male dancers and barber shop singers on this evening for the War Theme Party, which your nan wouldn't want to miss."

"Really?" he was still tense as I stood there with my arm around his neck and his around my waist.

"Yes, so relax. I want you here."

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