Chapter 8

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"Here she is," a nurse said at the door to the consultant as he wheeled in the machine.

My face dropped. Was I having a scan today? No one told me.

"Chicken for a scan," he said to Dean's nan.

"That's the deal," she said shaking his hand. "I want to see my great grandbaby," she clapped her hands her chest in excitement. "Coffin Dodgers like me can't wait around so bribery comes in handy."

The consultant took the spare plate of chicken. I had wondered who it was set out for. He tucked in as we watched the end of X Factor.

"I can't stand that woman. She is so fake. Forcing the tears out of her eyes to steal the limelight from those poor people. Fuck off and go back to stripping!" his nan shouted at Nicole. I howled laughing. "Don't get me wrong she is a beautiful woman, a great singer and dancer, but she is such a fame whore. As soon as a camera comes near her, she is talking shit and trying to act like Lady Diana. Fuck off!" she said flipping the V to the telly.

I was in fits of giggles again.

Everyone was now in my room and even though I had only managed a few bites of my chicken and Dean finished it off, I started to feel the wave of nausea again and took myself to the toilet just in case. I sat on the edge of the bath but was soon on my knees. Thanks god the telly was up loud.

Dean appeared beside me and I heard him rinsing the face flannel off as I coughed and heaved into the toilet. I sat back up and slumped against the bath with my eyes closed. He flushed the toilet and wiped my face with the flannel. He was a great puking partner.

The consultant appeared and washed his greasy hands as he gave me a worried look. "You can't go home until we get this sickness under control."

With that my body decided to show how out of control it was and have me dry heave for a few minutes more. I was taken back into the now empty and chicken free room. Thank god as one whiff of that and I would be back in there. I was given some more anti sickness medicine.

"The poor thing," his nan whispered. "She is going through the wars with this baby. You're a good man to her," she said as Dean stroked my hair.

"He is," I whispered back.

"I want to see how the baby is coping with the sickness," the consultant said as he set up the scan. I blinked heavily trying to wake up more to see the baby. "I know it is leaving you exhausted."

I nodded and seconds later brought back up the two sips of water I just swallowed and felt sharp pains in my stomach.

"Shhh it's ok," his grandmother said coming around the other side to rub my arm. "I threw up for four months when I was pregnant with his father and he came out ok. He was a little terror but healthy, so don't you worry."

I smiled as the consultant started the scan. We all sat waiting for him to click buttons and scroll. No one spoke and he looked intently at the screen.

"Right, here is the good news," he said looking at us. "The baby is ok. The semi bad news is I don't think he is coping well with the sickness, he isn't getting enough nutrients."

"He?" I asked.

"Ohhh," he said rolling his eyes. "Sorry I forgot to ask if you wanted to know. Well the cat is out of the bag. It's a boy. I apologise if you wanted to wait till the birth."

I shook my head. "We had decided to find out but didn't think you could do it this early."

"Yes, it's a boy."

It suddenly made things very real. A little boy was growing inside me.

"I knew it, what did I tell you Deano!" his nan said as both Dean and I were stunned. "So how can we fix this doc?" she asked on our behalf.

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