Chapter 7

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"She's resting," a nurse said three days later.

"I am family, I just wanted to pop my head around the door and let her know I am thinking of her."

I froze as I heard his mother's voice.

"And you are?"

"Claudia Beaumont, I am the child's grandmother," she said using her poshest voice.

"I'm sorry Mrs Beaumont..."

"Lady Beaumont," she corrected the nurse.

"Whatever," the nurse replied. "You are not allowed to visit with this patient."

"Not allowed. Don't be absurd!" she said causing a scene.

I jumped as a nurse entered my room to find me staring at the door in case she walked in.

"Don't you worry, she won't be allowed in," she said coming to hold my hand.

Sharon had told them what the old battleaxe had done to me whilst she gossiped over coffee. They were stunned, furious and set up a list of visitors. If your names not down, you're not coming in. My consultant was beyond furious and had contacted the clinic named in the letter. He wanted to know how someone could book a termination for someone else.

The door opened again, making me jump for a second time. It was Security. "The jolliest Jamaican in the hospital," was how Nev described himself.

"Hello my Queen," he said walking over. "I gave your man a call and told him I would sit with you until he got here. He's only a few minutes away. He has your chicken."

Dean had gone to fetch me some fried chicken and chips so we could watch X Factor and get fat together. She must have seen him slip away. Now I had a lovely brick wall of nurses and security between me and the bitch, but what about when I got home... whatever home that might be... who would stand guard then? If I wasn't pregnant I'd have beat the shit out of her but the baby comes first.

"Don't you worry. Nothing is going to harm this baby with me around?" Nev said placing a protective hand top of mine. His radio crackled into life. "Go ahead," he said into it.

"Just to let you know the chicken man is here," the person on the other end informed him.

"Yes!" Nev replied and disappeared outside.

A few minutes later Dean appeared holding up a bucket of chicken like a trophy. "Your request is my command."

"I'll leave you to it," the nurse said walking out.

"Did you get Nev something?" I asked as he seemed pretty excited.

"Half the staff something. Never tell them you are going on a chicken run or you will end up with a list as long as your arm," he said kicking his trainers off and placing the chicken bucket on the bed. He looked so hot in casual clothes. Jeans that seemed to have been designed for his backside alone. I loved making him turn around to fetch things for me so I could have a good look. When he sussed me out I giggled naughtily for a few minutes before daring to ask for a feel. He told me to 'sod off'.

I shuffled over on the bed and lifted the chicken bucket. "Well, what happened with your mother?" I asked.

"You'll see," he said smiling.

"You seem pretty calm for someone who told her to stay away."

"I'm just trying not to spoil the surprise," he said scooting me over on the bed further so he could get on.

"Dean! I was scared and..."

"Don't you be scared of that old bitch," an elderly voice said as an old woman entered the room on the arm of Nev. "Look at this hot piece of ass I've got my hands on."

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