Uta no prince sama (A somewhat maybe different story) by DarkCherryXP
Uta no prince sama (A somewhat Alyssa Kathleen Allycat Greer
A Story about Love and Friendship. About Music, and you. A story Called Uta no☆Prince~sama. (Various X Reader) I guess..
  • anime
  • comedia-romance
  • music
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Aiden Taylor:The Cheating Bastard by ThatChickCanWrite
Aiden Taylor:The Cheating Bastardby Chickadee :)
Who can say they've dated five girls at once? Aiden Taylor can. No one can resist Aiden Taylor's dashing smile and sexy features. His whole sexy demeanor gets teachers t...
  • comedia-romance
  • cheater
  • five
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Demons by shineeCupcakes
Demonsby ShineeCupcakes
Hinata belongs to a clan of demon bunnies. Long ago her clan was weak and nobody even acknowledge the existence of them, so throughout the years her clan became stronger...
  • comedia-romance
  • romactic
  • slowupdates
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My Death Reaper by HannaDragneel
My Death Reaperby HannaDragneel
When is the day I'll die? I'm quite excited about it but I wonder why this stranger keeps on bugging me not to jump on this bridge!? I want to die, please let me!
  • comedy
  • energetic
  • death
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Part One: My Other Half  [COMPLETED] by Magistawindcharmer
Part One: My Other Half [ Magistawindcharmer
"Harvard, Brian Christian? Like the University Harvard?"I unconsciously read aloud. "Yes, do you have a problem with that?" A cool voice replied. The...
  • commoner
  • comedia-romance
  • friendships
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DO NOT TOUCH! (COMPLETE)by Maria Cooney (Airam)
FINALIST IN WATTPAD 'So You Think You Can Write' Competition 2013 in conjunction with HARLEQUIN. Annie discovers that a one night stand is not as uncomplicated as she th...
  • cancer
  • humour
  • originalfiction
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Flavor: Love by maxpoodog
Flavor: Loveby Avalonheartthrob
Maya is an ordinary girl, on the surface. Damaged, hurt, desirable, heartbroken, is what she vow to not let anyone see. Jayden, the bad boy of Westman high school never...
  • comedy
  • lovestory
  • love
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Bed Time Stories  by rishiislameaf
Bed Time Stories by Rishi Malhotra
  • lovewins
  • comedia-romance
  • lovely
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Lover's Tale: A Creepypasta boyfriend scenario book  by Scarlet_Williams17
Lover's Tale: A Creepypasta Scarlet Williams
Story includes Slenderman, Jeff, Ben, Eyeless Jack, Masky, Hoodie, Ticci Toby, Laughing Jack Homicidal Liu and other characters in the future, please enjoy ^_^ (and yes...
  • comedia-romance
  • creepypastaboyfriendscenarios
  • random
My Bad Boy by TheViolent1
My Bad Boyby Kitty Kat
Summer was just one of those good girls who always do as told...but what happens when the biggest player gets transferred into your class?? Will their be hate or will lo...
  • badboynextdoor
  • bully
  • badboygoodgirl
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Heights by StainedByStars
Heightsby StainedByStars
Afraid of the height of the fall?
  • collegestudent
  • romance-comedy
  • collegestories
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The Man Who Made Me Chocolate Chip Cookies by joyouscellyjc
The Man Who Made Me Chocolate Joyous Celly
"I'll marry the man who made these" And I looked up to see the brightest smile I had seen in decades as if the peculiar stranger knew of the promise I had mad...
  • love
  • comedia-romance
  • chocolate
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Solo es otra historia de amor [En edición] by kalexa07
Solo es otra historia de amor [ Kalexa
Nicole, una chica tímida y de reducidos amigos. Ella odia la idea de enamorarse, pues nunca ha salido bien parada de estas situaciones, para ella, enamorarse es completa...
  • ian
  • drama
  • amor
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My Santa by littlefatty11
My Santaby swaggypeoplealltheway11
Taylor Jane Park is a very pretty girl which her dad die in a accident because her dad is drunk after he find out that her wife cheated on him. Jane's dad died on the 25...
  • markgot7
  • comedia-romance
  • krisexo
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My Annoying Roommate by chubbybaek
My Annoying Roommateby nobody
Kim Aerin moved to SM High School, but something went wrong, so she will share a room with a boy. What will she do if her boy roommate happened to be Oh Sehun, her bigge...
  • exo
  • sehun
  • luhan
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Cinderella? More like Cindy! by Epically_girly384
Cinderella? More like Cindy!by Epically_girly384
You've all heard the story before. Blah, blah, has terrible stepsisters, goes to ball, lost her slipper, yada, YADA! This story isn't like that. Cinderella isn't what yo...
  • comedia-romance
The Big Bang Theory Academy by xghostwriterr
The Big Bang Theory Academyby Rainie
What if the cast of Big Bang Theory met when they were in high school --and not just any other high school, but a specialized and reowned science and arts academy? How w...
  • jimparsons
  • bazinga
  • rajkoothrappali
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The Romance Of An Anti Romantic by ohheyitsdanielle
The Romance Of An Anti Romanticby Danielle
Ariel Hemmings, a seventeen year old blogger/out cast. Ariel's had her heart broken to the point of no return, she's fed up with the idea of romance and doubts that anyt...
  • romance
  • comedia-romance
  • teenfiction
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Moments With You (A Niall Horan and Harry Styles Fan Fic) by Icepenguin13
Moments With You (A Niall Horan Icepenguin13
17 year old Hailey and 18 year old Sheikha ( Shay ) always wanted to meet the biggest boy band in the world. One night, everything would change there lifes. Nothing wou...
  • directon
  • niallhoran
  • harrystyles
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50 Shades Of Grey - Food Edition by dirtier
50 Shades Of Grey - Food Editionby dirtier
If you have a sexy imagination, like me ;) why not indulge in this book? It's 50 Shades of Grey but with food.
  • comedia-romance
  • food