Chapter 15

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As suspected the car journey was silent other than the purr of the engine and Dean's road rage at some idiot flying across the ring road being pursued by police.

"That could have been you," Dean teased.

"So what kind of car is this? A vanquish?" I asked reading the posh interior label. "Shame we can't use it to vanquish your mother."

"That's enough. I won't take her bad mouthing you and I won't stand for you bad mouthing her either. Both of you just pack it in."

"I didn't start it, she did."

"Yeah but you're damn well intent on finishing it though."

"And why shouldn't I? She has been a bigger bitch than Joan Collins."

"Stop," he sighed.

I folded my arms in a huff and glared into the night like a vampire intent on finding blood... her blood! I'd guzzle the bitch down and throw her bones to the wolves... Ooops bad thoughts stupid raging hormones... or as his mother no doubt saw me 'Raging Whore-moans'.

We pulled up the house just as was imaging how cool 'Raging Whoremoans' would be as a Native American Indian name, only to see a police car outside along with his mothers. Shit!

"Ohhh myyy goddd," Dean said exasperated.

"Do you want me to stay in the car?" I asked trying to be good but really I wanted to run out of it and give her car another going over.

"No, I can't trust you, you will ram my car into hers."

Why hadn't I thought of that it was a much better plan? His disapproving look told me that my plan was written all over my face. I shrugged apologetically and got out of the car.

"Hand," he said grabbing it and pulling me along like a child as the door opened and his nan stood there looking furious. "Take Annie upstairs please," he passed over my hand.


"I'm sick of arguing with you today, just go whilst I sort this out," he said as I opened my mouth to complain. "She's on strict bed rest for two weeks. That means her arse in the bed. Make it happen for our sons sake please."

I followed her upstairs as Dean went to deal with his mother. I sat on the end of the bed staring into space as I tried to listen to what was going on. My baby nap was due which meant I felt rough and emotional. I kicked my shoes off and crawled up the bed, pulling the quilt over me. This was not my old bed either, I knew that as the spring in the middle was gone. I hated that spring! I loved this bed!

"I'll go make you some tea," his nan said tucking me in.

I hid under the blanket having a little cry at how awful everything was when I heard Dean's voice being raised. Along with others. Oh shit it had got heavy. I sat up listening like a prairie dog as feet took to the stairs and I heard my mothers voice... I thought she had gone home.

"Next time it will be harder. You stay away from my daughter or I will dig a hole and bury you in it!"

Dean entered the room with my mother over his shoulder. I gasped as he dumped her on the bed. "Stay there!" he yelled at her before leaving the room and slamming the door.

"Did you just... did he just..." I couldn't get my words out as I stared at my mother in shock.

"Why didn't you tell me about her booking you an abortion?" my mother yelled.

"I... I..."

"You said you were in hospital as you were bleeding from stress and looking for a new place to live. You didn't say she was stalking you, threatening you and had booked a termination without even talking to you. Surely that is illegal!"

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