Chapter 13

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I had decided to go wash up and leave Dean to hold his broken willy in peace. When I returned he was flat out asleep. The teen inside me squealed with delight at the hottie in my bed. I crept in beside him and apologised as he stirred. I would have to learn the art of getting into bed without acting like an elephant in future. I beamed as I looked at him. My boyfriend, father of the baby growing inside me and live in lover... I didn't need his money to know I had struck gold in the men department. He was an absolute angel. A greedy pig with food but hey nobody is perfect.

I snuggled up noticing he had his boxers back on, no doubt to protect him from another granny bashing. I gave our baby a rub and told him everything was going to be ok, before I fell into a peaceful snooze with his daddy.

I woke later by the movement of Dean sitting up, looking dazed and confused. He was half asleep.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"It is so bloody noisy," he moaned.

"Top drawer, ear plugs," I said and watched him pulled the drawer out. He put them in and settled back down. I was used to the noise of opening time. This was just the staff getting ready. He would never sleep once the punters came in.

Dean's immediate low snore proved how exhausted he was. He was flat out in seconds. I realised the front door must be open to the stairs so the sound would carry up more. I got out of bed to go close it.

"Keep the door closed! I am trying to sleep," I yelled like a teenager and went to slam it but heard arguing.

I headed down the stairs worried. I walked out to see Dean's mum arguing with the bar tender.

"What is going on?" I asked.

"Where is my son?" she asked looking me up and down in disgust. I realised I was in my knickers and vest, great!

"He is in bed asleep so keep your voices down," I said quietly.

"Wake him up. He is coming with me," she ordered.

"No he isn't," I replied. "He is grown man who can make his own decisions. He is also tired, stressed and has been ill. He is in bed catching up on sleep before we drive home."

"Home, his home is with me! Not you, you common whore."

I took a deep breath and remembered murder was illegal.

"Look I am not going to argue with you. Dean and I are together, we are a couple..."

"Pah! Don't make me laugh. He didn't even know your name two weeks ago, you are just another notch on his bedpost."

"Firstly I am three months pregnant and he definitely called out my name whilst making this baby so you are talking shit as usual. Secondly, we have a new bed now so I don't need to worry about the notches on his old one, the past is the past."

"And that is what you will be, his past!" she seethed.

"I think you will find we are his future," I replied lifting my top to reveal my bump and was glad it was still bigger from food. Her eyes fixed it with shock as it was a definite baby bump now. "It's a boy," I said hoping that knowing the sex of the child would help her come to terms with his arrival and our relationship.

She stared at me. Back to the bump and back again.

"You are welcome to be part of this baby's life if that is what you want but not if you continue to try to tear this family apart."

"Family! You are not his family. I am!"

"And so am I!" Dean's grandmother yelled across the club above the music. I noticed the shopping bags in her hand. So that's where they had been.

"Annie go upstairs please," my mother said not taking her eyes off his. "NOW!"

I turned and ran up the stairs and into my room.

"Dean, Dean," I said shaking him.

"What? Are you ok?" he asked blinking hard to stay awake.

"Your mum is downstairs and was having a go at me when your nan came back from shopping ..."

"My mum?"

"Yeah, she is downstairs."

He was up and out of the bed before I could say another word. I followed him down. "What are you doing here?" Dean asked her.

"Where are your clothes?" his mother asked looking at his boxers.

"That's more that he had on a few hours ago," Bonnie replied.

"Nan," Dean snapped.

"I've come to take you home," his mother replied holding her head high.

"I don't want or need you to take me home. I moved out because of your behaviour, behaviour like this. Annie and I are together, she is my girlfriend and you treated her and my baby like shit. I won't stand for it."

I couldn't believe it. He was telling her what for.

"She is no good for you."

"How do you know? You never even gave her a chance."

"Just look at her," she said pointing at me with disgust.

"I am and she is amazing and will be an amazing mother. She makes me happy. Happier than I've ever been and we are together, whether you like it or not. You don't have a say in this. If you insist on making me choose between you, she wins."

My heart swelled as his mothers no doubt sunk.

"She's a common whore!"

My mother was held back as she went for her and Dean yelled. "Don't speak about her like that. Ever!"

"She trapped you with a child, a child you don't even know is yours."

"I know the child is mine."

"No you don't! It was a one night stand. How many more did she have that week?"

I felt her words and accusation like a slap across my face, tears stung my eyes as a scuffle broke out and a loud slap rang through the air.

"Don't you ever talk about my daughter like that!" my mother yelled as Yolanda stood in front of me protectively.

Dean pulled me over to him and put his arm around me.

"We are happy, now please, leave us alone or I promise you on my fathers grave, I will never come and visit you. I will cut all ties, you can count on it."

"She is brainwashing you, she has you here in this whore house using you for god knows what..."

"Oh for goodness sake," Dean sighed. "Just leave."

"No! Not without you."

"Fine, have it your way," he said making my heart ache at the thought of him leaving with her. "Honey, get your things," he said to me. "Nan, are you ready. We are leaving. Kat, sorry to bring this mess to your door, when you have been so hospitable and welcomed us into your lovely home. We will be out of your way shortly."

He pulled my hand and led us back upstairs. We started to pull our clothes on in double quick time. I dare not say a word. I just hurried and shoved my things into my bag.

"Have you got your medication?" he asked.

I nodded.

"Everything else?" he asked.

I nodded as I shoved my trainers and top on.

"Come on," he said pulling my hand and leading us back down stairs again. "Nan, are you ready?" he asked.

She nodded as my mum came to give me a cuddle goodbye, or so I thought, but she didn't she took my bag. "Come on lets go," she said to Bonnie. "Some one throw out the trash, I'll be back as soon as my baby is settled."

She was coming with us. I tried not to cry on the way to the car but it was all too much and even though I pulled my hood up on my top and tried to blank everything out, I couldn't stop the tears.

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