Chapter 14

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I climbed in the back of a people carrier, it was not what I expected his nan to drive but then she did live in a house full of grandchild. I strapped myself in and Dean climbed in beside me, as my mum got in the front with his nan. He held my hand as we sat in silence watching his nan drive off.

"I'm sorry for hitting your mother Dean but she is terrorising my child," my mother said.

Dean stayed silent and stared out the window in a world of his own.

"You're not the first person to slap her and you won't be the last," his nan advised. "It's ok Deano, don't you worry it will all work itself out."

"It's like a scene from Romeo and Juliet. Fucking ridiculous," my mum said. "That woman won't be happy until this turns into a tragedy."

I leant my head against the other window, letting go of Dean hand. I was feeling sick and started to get that horrible feeling where saliva fills your mouth and every time you swallow it you gag and try not to throw up.

I quietly pulled a nappy sack out of my pocket. I had been using them as puke bags and kept a stash in there. I lasted 30 seconds longer before losing my breakfast.

"Pull over," my mum said.

"Is she puking in the car?" his nan asked in a panic as she indicated to pull over.

I pushed the door open the second she pulled up and leant on the side of the hard shoulder barrier hurling. My mum holding my hair and rubbing my back.

"It's ok sweetheart, let it all out."

"Here," Dean said passing her something.

"Put it under your tongue," my mum said passing me an anti sickness tablet. "Just in case you get sick again."

I was too busy doing my arching cat pose as I coughed and spluttered the last of breakfast out. I sat on the floor when finished feeling like shit and exhausted. It made wine hangovers look tame. I wiped my face with a wet wipe my mum passed over and was helped back to the car. Dean was now in the front with his nan and my mum climbed in the back with me. I heard his nan ask Dean if he was sure but was too exhausted to listen to the rest of the conversation, as I lay my head on my mums lap and used the middle belt as safety.

I stirred briefly sometime later when I heard the door open and close. I assumed we were at a service station so went back to sleep. The next time I woke was to my mum saying 'oooo it's lovely'. I sat up slowly. My head feeling woosey as I heard Sharon shouting hello. I blinked heavily and looked out the window it was dark but I knew we were at my new home.

I climbed out and looked around. It was huge, detached and would fit five of my previous apartments in it. I turned around looking for Dean, he wasn't there.

"Where is Dean?" I asked.

"Come on inside," his nan said looking solemn.

I walked into the hall of the amazing house and through to a 'shit the bed', 'amazeballs' lounge. My eyes were working overtime trying to wake up and take it all in but my mind was on Dean.

"Where is he?" I asked as I sat on the plush sofa... not my old shitty one.

"He's erm..." his nan said reluctant to say.

I looked at my mum. "He's gone back to his mothers."

"To get his things?" I asked wondering why they let him go alone. Plus I thought most of it was at his nan's.

My mum shook her head. She took a deep breath, which always meant bad news.

"He has gone back to her, to stop all the drama. He doesn't want to risk the health of you or the baby."

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