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Watching through the window, I saw the heavy Iron Gate open for us. The rumbling of the ground beneath our wheels rattled the wine glasses in the car's mini freeze. I could feel Alex flexing his muscles as if going for his prime case.

My eyes scan through the dimly lighted driveway. An unusual silence of the forest ticked my nerves. I lived here for a whole year and never discovered this place on Boracay; this seems suspicious to me.

Deep breaths didn't help in settling the odd vibes this place is throwing my way.

"Ellen, stop dozing off. We are here." Alex's voice pushed through my thoughts. Why did he give me all the surprises, why not entertain Dale sometimes?

I got it; he cares and I am stone-faced about most things in life, but it's who I am. If I don't find anything worth smiling, I won't.

I saw numerous people living the life they despise, only so they get people's approval, and I don't have time for all this bullshit in my personal life. My work already required too much manipulation.

Maybe, I should try this out next time, making Alex focus on Dale's love life, then they both will stop handling my relationship matters and move on with theirs.

Arranging my dress, I waited for Derek to open my door. As Alex waited for Chain to open up his.

I hide my thoughts behind a big smile as the door at my side pulled open. Derek tipped his head in acknowledgment, and an understanding passed between us. That said, one signal and we'll be out of here in a blink of an eye.

Derek knows the drill; after all, he had been my bodyguard for seven long years. He saw me through my toughest, cruelest times and stood by my side without any judgment.

I blink a few times as my eyes adjust through the heavy lights and expose a dozen people waiting in our welcome at the entrance of a giant, peculiar mansion. I quickly take in the beauty before me and moved forward to take in the Alex's stretched hand.

The Two or so building mansion, with the wheel driveway is quite impressive. The heavy surrounding of woods behind and the voice of water splashing coming from nearby shore are completing the intense look.

Moving on, a middle-aged man comes forward to greet us. He appeared to be an arrogant man who thinks he can get anything he wants.

He shakes Alex's hand and takes mine before bowing down to give it a kiss on the backside. I quickly forced my hand back and narrowed my eyes, who do hand kissing nowadays.

Sure, Queens desired, those types of attention, but on the regular basis? Hmm, maybe it's their protocol for high-end clients.

He flashes me a sinister smile before speaking in too gruff voice for my liking. I raised a brow at him.

"Myself Oliver Grant and these are my supervisors." He stretched his hand showing other six different aged men behind him.

All of them are grinning like fools and checking both of us out like starved animals. I made a disgusting noise in my throat and quickly covered it with a cough.

"You are okay there?" Alex asked in concern.

"I am great, Alex! Doing just fine" I patted Alex's arm in exaggeration with a forced smile toward Oliver.

"You have quite a place here. It must build recently?" I throw upon the question to avert the attention.

"No, no! It's an old beauty, but not quite beautiful in comparisons to you." The sour face vomits with a smirk, but also confirms my suspicion; something is fishy about this place.

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