◉ Three ◉

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I staggered as I tried to reach basement, oh dear Eric was in trouble. It was almost ten o'clock and he was still asleep.

I paused to see if sun rose from the correct side or not.

Okay! Sun was working perfectly, then why was Eric was not up and wandering in his thoughts or working.

My heartbeat sped up as well as my walking. Oh god, please let Eric be safe!

My mind started filling with dread, what if he was hurt and I knew nothing about it. I fastened my pace as an old building finally came into my view. I frantically entered the basement and closed the door after me.

My legs took me straight to the only room in this creepy basement. I always had goosebumps as I saw dark everywhere my eyes landed in this huge basement.

All the old, shattered dump of mansion with many layers of dust and spider nests from too many years gave it the complete look of a haunted place.

I moved past all the broken furniture, piles of unnecessary documents and construction remains to finally reach the small corner room. I turned the already broken lock and as I pushed the door open, my breathing stopped for a few second. Relief flooded over me when my eyes adjusted to the dim light coming from a battery operated table lamp.

He was all right, my knees wobbled and I braced myself by holding the door frame for support. As always, I missed the tiny detail that the door was already broken.

HTF. My hip came in contact with the floor, the freaking door still in my hand. That hurt.

Eric woke abruptly from the noise and hit his head on the room's ceiling; oh did I forget to tell you that this room's height was only one foot more than Eric was and this hitting thing had happen over hundreds of times.

"Gosh, oh shit, god... it hurts," Eric muttered from where he landed on his butt.

"Man! That is surely not the way I wanted to start my day," he said as he sat back up and rose to help me because I was still on my bum, spread across the floor with a freaking door upon me.

Eric picked up the stupid door single-handed, yeah whatever! He was the hunk one in the room, what did you expect from him.

As the gentleman he was, he even picked me up and put me down on his not so comfy baby mattress.

"Okay, so it was your idea of fun to sleep on my room's floor while cuddling a door at four' o'clock in the morning or am I still dreaming?" Surely, this time he could finally hit the roof hard enough to knock some humor into his thick head.

"Hahahhaha... come down from your fluffy dream cloud. It's almost past ten o'clock." I informed him and laughter rang out as those words pass my lips. I looked at him in what the hell man.

"Stop playing around Sasha, it isn't funny." Eric sobered up when he realized that I was hundred percent serious. I sat there watching him move around like a maniac in attempt to do everything at once.

I came to an abrupt stop, and it hit me so hard. Idiot, moron, stupid, how can I fail to remember such a big day.

"Eric wait a second," I mumbled but he kept up with his panic ride.

"Eric!" I screamed at my top of lungs and it got his attention.

"Dude, will you please stop interrupting me? Do you even realize how big of a trouble we are in?" Here we go again.

"Can you listen to me for a second?" I started shaking him; okay in reality, I was shaking while trying to shake him but that detail we could ignore.

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