◉ Two ◉

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It was a beautiful morning. I could feel the cool air touching my face and the sun rays peeked through the long trees that surrounded the mansion, filling my heart's emptiness with the sweet warmth.

I loved this time of the day, no one was around to order me, or make me feel stupid and I had these little moments to sense some normal in my not so normal life.

Don't get me wrong, waking up every morning at four was hard. However, I knew with every ounce of my life that it was worth it, to drag myself up at four to have a few moments I could call my own. These very moments prepared me for a new day.

You had to make moments for yourself because you wouldn't get a lot of private moments or any free time, when your life was written off to someone else, to do as he pleased.

In my situation, my holder kept me as his servant with no payment, freedom and more, from the day I turned three years old.

It got hard sometimes; each day, doing everything without any help, but somehow I managed to do it.

It was like years of practice made me stop thinking about the reasons behind everything, and my mind and body kept themselves ready for every upcoming strike.

Just like any other day, I had cleaned the entire mansion alone before anyone woke up and finally after two hours I had a few moments to admire the beauty of my personal hell.

No matter how much painful memories this place had given me, it was astoundingly beautiful, at least an outer side of it. As, my eyes observed the three floors of this sculptured mansion with wheel shape driveway and two back buildings.

I awed at the artistry of this place, it lured you in with the promise of the biggest, fullest life with all the happiness you fancied, but when you entered it, you'd learn the hardest lesson of life "Never judge anything from the outer shell."

This piece of art was not a regular mansion as it seemed, it was a submissive mansion, a high-end sub-mansion. If you were rich and wanted a submissive partner, this was a perfect destination for you.

This pit had way more perfect soulless creatures than you would find anywhere.

My mind always debated; how could a mother leave her three-year-old baby in a place like this, and for what, a few errands? I fought everyday with everything I had so one day I could ask that women a single question 'what was my fault?'

I amazed myself every day with all the things I endured on a daily basis, it surely would've broken any normal person.

I even tried copying every day, but the feeling of being ashamed at my inability of ending this torture overpowered everything.

I amused myself by thinking at least not everyone in the mansion was unfortunate like me; they had the choice to live here or not. What worried me was that no one ever left.

Only if they found masters, and even then they returned after a few years. I think sub-life was much more addictive for everyone else in this mansion, than how I found it. Maybe it was a good place for people who were in the sub-lifestyle with two separate sections for boys, girls, and full training facilities in a separate building with little payment like following mansion rules and some money issues I was not aware of, was not a bad deal for a sub. At least I liked to think so.

Sometimes I felt that it was okay to be here but at least at the end of the day Sasha and I had each other to share each others wounds.

As I got up to put away cleaning supplies, my backbone, and best friend in this bad dream decided to join me on my way to the supply room.

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