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Ellen Clay

Exquisite, was the only word, to describe how I felt after grabbing this deal.

When the hard work of two years results in your favor, it could give you a sensation you couldn't behold by yourself. The joy of accomplishing the dream you were chasing for seven years could appease you to the level that it drained all of your energy.

I just wanted to collapse on my feather bed and go to dreamland for a few weeks, but I couldn't.

When you were a CEO of a billion dollar company, you had to put your commitments before your comfort. Attaining a deal couldn't give you a day off from your responsibility. Even if you had snatched the biggest deal of the year in front of the faces of fifteen other companies against you.

Surprise element and going against the rules could sometimes work in your favor, tremendously; it always worked for me, I just needed the guts to take the chance on the spot.

It's not every day a woman appeared and said, 'I am going to open, a victim-friendly company, where victims' of bullying, gay victims, household victims and other different violence victims can work openly, without holding the dark shadow of their past.'

I only had to send in the files and I could finally let go of the helplessness. Helplessness, which seeped through my bones every time I saw a victim being ill-treated for the offense they had never committed.

I entered my office building and my mind was already wrapped in thoughts of upcoming predicaments.

Derek, my bodyguard, friend and all time companion were by my side. As we walked through the doors and along hallways, he checked every nook and corner, observant as always, and scared away onlookers.

I hustled to my office, so I could send the files before eight.

I pushed the elevator button and when nothing happened, I frowned and pressed the button again a few times, but the door did not open.

What the fuck! I didn't expect that. I mean it was my private elevator, and apart from Dale and me, nobody was allowed to use it.

Oh! Perhaps Dale is coming down, I presumed. Good, we'll discuss the store's 'new section' on the way up.

A few minutes later, which felt like hours in my situation, nothing happened and the elevator was still stuck on the third floor, my frown deepened.

What exactly was going on? Obviously, no one was stuck in the elevator, and Dale knew I was on my way so he wouldn't stop the elevator for fun.

"Gorge!" I shouted for my security head.


I was on my office sofa and Sammy was soundly asleep upon my chest, when office shook from boss' voice.

"Gorge!" what the fuck am I miss? I started to get up as slowly as possible with Sammy in my arms. I couldn't disturb my sick girl for boss' approval. I would gladly take her every strike, for my girl to have some peaceful moments.

My heart wrenched looking at my baby girl curled in a ball looking adorable with her chubby cheeks, rosy nose, and two brown curly ponytails.

My mind kept coming up with all the heartbroken ideas, but always failed to make her understand; her mom was not going to come back. Not even her super hero daddy could make her mother return from heaven.

In my fourteen years of service in the Marines, they taught me to fight with every possible obstacle that came in my way, but they never trained me to fight my four year old in argument for bringing her deceased mother home.

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