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I sat around the corner of the main building of the mansion. From here, I had a clear outlook of the main entrance.

I would get a glimpse of our guests for Sasha's, and my sore heart's sake and let this matter close for once and for all.

As much as I wanted to empathize with Sasha. I couldn't jeopardize our life with another attempt, and if Sasha would have been awake, he'd never forget any chance.

Sasha had always been a dreamer full of hope. I didn't want to watch Sasha going through such pain and rejection again.

I would get a peek at our guests so I could tell how horrible they were and how good we were without them. It would break Sasha but it was better than to live through anyone's worst nightmare.

I tried to validate my action with any excuse. My heart knew how I longed for a glance at our guests after hearing all the hype.

I was shaken up from the loud creak of the Iron Gate opening, indicating our guests arrival. My stomach started to feel weirder and heart filled with ambivalence.

A black, long car enrolled the driveway of the mansion, showing the opulence of our guests.

The car stopped at our entrance with an ease, gathering everyone's attention towards them. It was a beautiful car. I had seen inside of it once in my life and those crying sounds still shook my core. I diverted my eyes to get rid of water from my eyes. It was hard to see through it.

The front door opened with a knocking noise, revealing a man with a black uniform and matching hat. As on a cue, the second front door opened up. The man stepped out with a bodyguard written all over his demeanor. He had black pants and white shirt on with black shades, even if it was night.

I always wanted to ask these creatures why the almighty wore shades all the time. All the guards I ever came across wore those big, black shades. Didn't it hurt their eyes, poor man?

I quickly shook myself so I wouldn't miss the only chance to see our guests. Both men moved swiftly, opening the back door and represented us with the beautiful species this world beheld in luxury.

As much as I wanted to hate these people, it was no use. The women who stepped out had all my attention. All of the people of the mansion came out to welcome them are in awe of this beauty.

When she put her feet out and showed us the perfectly manicured feet with the highest heels, I had ever seen on any girl in this mansion.

I was assured that this girl held power. She could rip you in two halves with only a look. I had lived through this power once before and I knew I didn't want it to happen again. My mind was happy, happy that we were not going to be displayed before these guests, but my heart had his own inclination.

The way she moved made my heart jump. Her black hair was set up in a perfect bun while few strands were falling on her red gown covered shoulders.The deep red gown hugged her body until midriff and fell down to the floor, covering the scary heels. The gown complemented her in an unexplainable way.

My breathing stopped for a moment when I admired her face and the flash of the amazed girl from the market popped in my mind. The realization quickly dawned on me and I was quick to hide myself from any exposure.

My mind panicked. What was she doing here? Idiot, she is the guest, she was supposed to be here, my subconscious quickly reminded me. What if she saw me and told the manager, she noticed us in the market? What would I do then? Sasha was already hurt and now this, oh god why did you have to do this to us.

I ran towards the basement with the little energy I had left in me after the morning beating.

I stopped for a quick breath at the basement entry. Okay, I only had to avoid our lady guest and everything will be all right, I tried to assure myself.

I entered the basement, taking a quick peek at the still unconscious Sasha.

I had begun clearing my room as best as I could so I had a little clean floor to sleep in.

As I put away the last item and brushed myself off to lay down for a while, a mean girl whose name I didn't remember barged into my room and set off shouting orders at me.

"Wake this disgusting lover of yours, the manager said you need to clean pool right now. The stupid cleaning service forgot to do it early, and now the guests have arrived" She kept going on and on so I was grateful that Sasha was a heavy sleeper. I kept nodding on all of the things she asked for so she would leave already.

I didn't know why everybody had to keep yelling their points at me; did they think I was deaf or something?

I dragged myself out towards the poolside, after giving Sasha a quick Goodnight pat. It was then that the possibility of what could happen at the poolside hit me.

With a heavy heart and sore feet, I drew over the poolside towards my jinxed fate.

I tried to relax my pounding heart, aware that Sasha was safe from all the upcoming humiliation for once.

I collected the necessary supplies from the cleaning closet and started gathering the leaves and chip wrappers from the poolside.

While thinking of how I would justify myself to Sasha as to why I did not know what our male guests looked like.

I was so engrossed in my protective bubble that I didn't realize someone tapped my shoulder.

I was so engrossed in my protective bubble that I didn't realize someone tapped my shoulder

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