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I shut my iPad after, sending the last email to a client, and with it I was ready for my fifteen-day long vacation.

"Ellen," Alex groaned for the seventh time.

"What will make your ass move faster, business bitch?" Alex shouted from the couch area in my office.

Seriously, did he just call me that? Well... I was going to ignore it.

I opened the door connected to Dale's office only to find Fallon doing some errands.

"Where is Dale, Fallon?" She jerked back from whatever she was doing at the desk drawers.

My intuition said to confront her but another nasty comment from Alex stopped me mid way.

Today, he definitely had some red ants in his pants. I was aware that he despised waiting, but what do you expect from a work addict like me.

Okay! Fallon could wait.

"Send in Dale as soon as he comes back." As I was about to close the connected door of our office, main entrance of Dale's office opened up and revealed his arrival.

There he was, without another word we both moved swiftly toward my office, leaving a shaken Fallon behind us.

"Ready for your first vacation?" Dale asked me for the thousandth time.

"You know how I feel about this Dale, why bother asking?" He understood my need to work and how I already started aching for it. Before he could comment on my not so enthusiastic view regarding this tour, Alex opened his mouth again.

"You know what Ellen? Let's just cancel this whole damn surprise thing. Why even bother when we will surely miss the freaking flight. What it takes to understand the simple words called 'hurry up' but no, some business geek has to ruin the whole fun time." Alex kept up his babble while we both set ourselves at nearby chairs and muted him. Dale and I continued staring at each other, occasionally at some Alex nonsense.

After like fifteen minutes, I decided to interrupt his fury. "Okay! It's more than enough for today Alex." I got up and moved toward the attached room inside my office for a jacket.

When I got back, Alex watched me with angry eyes while Dale was trying to cover his laugh with a cough.

"We'll continue it in the Philippines, if you don't mind, we are getting late. If you don't move your cute butt fast, we'll definitely miss the flight this time around." I mentioned the obvious to Alex and Dale burst into a laughing marathon.

"I'll get back to you for this Ellen, watch your back." Alex threatened and all he got was a yawn in return.

We exited my office and I greeted my colleague's goodbye on my way to the elevators.

Alex maintained his anger act whole elevator ride and we let him be. In the lobby, Derek was already waiting for us with his team.

"Everything's ready Ms. Clay," Derek informed me and I nodded back to let him know 'we'll be ready in a minute'. I exchanged hugs with Dale.

"Take care of him Ellen, and please don't kill him," he whispered in my ear and I huffed it out, why does everyone keep telling me the apparent things today.

"No, I'll kick him off the plane, the first chance I get." He just shook his head in defeat and I smirked at Dale, "Don't worry; I'll give him a parachute before pushing him off." With a pat on his shoulder, I turned to leave a baffled Dale and scolding Alex for saying their goodbyes.

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