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"Sasha, it's a very bad idea. If they find about this, they are going to beat the living shit out of us!" I begged but it was like my voice fell on deaf ears.

He moved down the mansion hill to cross the wood and I trailed next to him.

"Stop being such a cry baby Eric, they will never find about this." He came up with his stupid explanation, always so nonchalant about the predictable future disaster. God, please help me! Think, think Eric, ah... Idea!

"Remember, you said that exact same thing about your second last plan." He flinched at my words and the memory of kicks and chains they used on us flashed behind my eyes. I hit myself mentally, why I had the tendency to say the wrong words on very joyful occasion.

"I'm sorry babe, I didn't mean it," I murmured, healing words while trying to squeeze his sadness away. All of a sudden, he pushed me aside and jumped up with glee.

"What?" I asked, worry coating my mind.

"I realized something." Before I could question his sanity or health, Sasha jumped again and exclaimed. "The guests are coming tomorrow Eric, tomorrow! Yippee!"

"Seriously?" Everyone would be busy preparing for them.

He continued and swirled around like a big baby. I desperately wanted a doll with rolling eyes, so whenever Sasha state an already known fact - which was quite often - I could show him the doll and move on.

"We've known that for a whole damn week, Sasha!" I stated the very matter but he simply ignored my comment and hummed to himself, happiness shining from his gestures.

"Do tell me, why am I even friends with you?" I inquired for the fifth time. He sympathetically patted my shoulder and climbed the waist high wooden fence.

I shook off his action and crossed the fence in style. I held the fence with one hand and slightly bended it for good grip, then swung both legs to the other side, landing swiftly. Sasha watched me in awe from up where he was still tangled with fence. What? I can't have my hero moments? My height pays me off on something.

We wandered through woods to find our way out but after getting lost a few times, we somehow find our way to TOWNS HIGH END MARKET.


My eyes tried to grasp everything at once; big-shopping stores were lined up one after another in a never-ending line, astounding every passerby with displaying their respective stunning articles. The cool, clean smell and fresh air coming from 'Bulabog beach' soothed my nerves and on the same moment, eyes of beautiful cloth, clad people jerked me back to a human wreck. I tried to keep my wonder at minimum, seeing so many things for the first time and dragged my feet faster to catch Sasha's speed.

"Eric, I have to go inside this store. Will you please hold your head down and stay put on this spot?" Sasha murmured after a few moments and pointed out the store in front of us, which was not as fancy compared to the others.

I nodded my agreement and Sasha pushed open the store, leaving me on my own.

I maintained my stance for a couple of minutes, even tried to watch few things from the corner of my eyes but didn't find much success. Then my eyes found a shop down by three buildings. I debated to go or not for a couple of minutes, but curiosity got the best of me and my feet hauled me toward the shop.

Board hung above the door that said, it was an antique shop and I could see the exquisite items spread across in a display window. I observed all the items one by one through the glass window, feeling lucky to see so many eye-catching things at once.

Delicate crockery was put together, making a masterpiece, paintings of glorious building and nature framed in elegant shells. The old clay status of a child and women and in the corner was set out dazzling ornaments.

I watched the rings, brooches, cuff-links, and delicate pendants that were put on a small velvet cushion.

All the shown items were alluring, but one thing captured my attention. On the table hidden behind a doll was a pendant in his very own box isolated from everything, like me.

The angel's wings were surrounded a baby foot, giving a round shaped locket to both sides. On a closer look, you could read some of the engraved letters "I'll keep you safe and stronger" and "close your eyes and make a wish" around it. It seemed familiar somehow, but I couldn't place it in my memories.

"What are you doing?" a small voice said from behind.

"I told you to stand outside of that shop. Now come on, my work here is done," Sasha hissed and shook off my demeanor. Without another word, he started pulling me away from the beautiful pendant. I kept glancing backward for one more glimpse, but Sasha was on a mission. I sighed for losing time so fast but felt thankful enough for finding a chance to see some of the beauty outer word held; some people didn't even give those luxuries in their lifetime.

I trailed after Sasha but something kept nagging me, the feeling of being watched made me sweat. I managed to ignore it until I reached the corner and gave in to my fate, turning my eyeballs in fear of finding someone from the mansion but my eyes settled on a pair of bewitching amber eyes. Those eyes were watching something so intensely like trying to figure everything out just from one glance.

Clearly there is something behind me, which amuse her to regard it so intently. Before I could admire more of her, Sasha came storming towards me and pulled me with all his being. I took pity on him by giving in and letting him drag me away from the mystery girl and the unsettled locket puzzle.


My mind was clouded with the images of the eyes and their soothing depth. I didn't realize we had already reached the mansion fence until I hit something abruptly and fell on the ground.

"Sasha, in future, will you please give me a heads up before stopping suddenly," I huffed out.

"I don't think so. You'll need them in future Eric," Sasha said shakily, maybe he fell from our clash too. I got up with shaky legs, only to find stunned Sasha with fifteen pair of eyes staring back at us.

It was one of those moments when my heart sank down, breath became shallow and mind filled with dread. Not for my own safety, but knowing I couldn't save my only friend even with all my being. Stood before me was one of my constant nightmares.


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