◉ Seven ◉

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"I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry!" I chanted in a pain-filled voice but no one in my basement room, beside Sasha, heard my apology, but even he had dozed off a while ago. Shame started creeping inside my heart.

Why? Why can't I protect my sole friend? All this strength was of no use when I couldn't even safe my only friend. I wanted to hide myself for being so useless.

You deserve to be beaten for hours, you useless son of a bitch, a voice in my brain kept repeating, making me shiver. I bent my knees, putting my arms around them and rock back and forth. She was right, she was right, that voice is right.

Flashes after flashes of Sasha being beaten down played like a video in front of my eyes. Harsh hands of Lucas tugged Sasha's soft blonde hair, shoving him face down to the concrete ground. Mocking voices of other members of the Lucas's group still echoed in the background.

The tears escaped from Sasha's eye as they tore apart the beautiful piece of clothing and shredded Sasha's dreams in one heartless moment.

I struggled through chains and watched Sasha with guilt-filled eyes. Helpless, you'll be always helpless, she had whispered in my ear.


I lazily opened my eyes one at a time to see if I was still alive or not. In the next moment the agonizing pain in my rib cage alerted my presence in this stupid world.

After few hopeless moments, I looked around, only to find myself in Eric's room's basement, but said person was nowhere in sight.

My heart started to pick up. Oh my god, oh my god was he okay? Where was he? My eyes searched frantically and I tried to get up in haste, but the pain shot up in my left leg in full force.

Holy cow! This hurts like a bitch. I collapsed back on the so-called crap mattress.

I cursed; why did Lucas have to give me bruised legs again? That pig. I tried to ignore the whole body pain so I could find my friend.

As predicted, he was skulking alone over everything. I witnessed with sad eyes as Eric rocked back and forth, forth and back, mumbling incoherent words. It was always like this; Lucas screwed our life and Eric patched up everything for me, even though he needed tending too, then suckled over the whole situation.

Every one of you would think that I created the whole mess in the first place, then hated others for ruining the already crumbled plan. What do you want me to do? Sit around and take all the shit thrown our way? No, oh no dear, it's not gonna happen.

Eric was already frightened by the prospect of Lucas taking thing too far. However, he didn't understand. If I stopped trying with the few things I had left, sooner or later we'd die here, and I didn't want to die so soon. I didn't want to see him die so soon. So no matter how many times of beating or lousy plans would take to get us free from here, I would not stop my efforts. I couldn't!

I sighed when I looked at him again. I had no idea how to get past his thick skull. It was not his fault, if Lucas was destroying, our chance to win a master. How was it his fault? I was proud of him, those moron gangs restrained Eric.

I observed him for the next few minutes while he beat himself down for the odds in our life. I hate every sole person and situation in his past, which had broken his self-esteem in tiny irreparable pieces.

My eyes tracked his moment and found those nasty purple bruises all over his wrists and other wounds. He tried to hide them from me by wearing his only full sleeved T-shirt. It showed the struggle and pain he went through so he could save me from harsh blows.

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