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I started getting ready for Alex's so called surprise. After returning from a jog, even though I was tired, Alex practically ordered me to get ready. Saving both of us from another argument, I agreed without a word. Therefore, here I was getting ready, although my eyelids kept colliding with each other.

I left my nightgown on the bed, which I was about to wear before someone rudely interrupted my nap time. I am on a vacation but no one leaves me alone. I really wanted to get over with this Alex's surprise. I went into the bathroom for a quick shower.

As I came back squeaky clean, I didn't expect to find a shaky Alex hiding something behind his hand, "What have you done now?" I demanded swiftly so he would allow me to prepare in peace. I started rubbing my hair dry, but the answers I got, stopped me and I moved my eyes towards Alex and his hand.

Alex pulled out the hand and showed me the item he was hiding, for one-second red flashed in front of my eyes. In his hand was my favorite Provocateur nightgown torn in two pieces. I looked down to confirm it was the same night gown I left on the bed an hour ago. There was no longer a gown on it.

It was a limited edition gown, which was specially crafted on my demand and cost me more than any luxurious nightgown should have. I left it once in LA when I was on a business tour, and Derek had to fly to LA on the same day to get it. I know, I know, sometimes I can be a bitch.

On any other day, Alex would have been on the hospital bed by now but right now I was too heady. Kinda satisfied in thinking of the blue eyes and the world they carry in their depth to care about anything else. I turned and left a perplexed Alex to shit his pants in worry of why I was not screaming the hotel down.

It was when I was done with makeup and hair' that Alex got the enough courage to come back and handed me his cell phone. I raised my left brow at him.

"Dale is worried about you," he mumbled and I took a deep breath. I was tired - this vacation was getting hectic for my liking. Firstly, why the hell Alex have to set up the whole surprise on the same day of our arrival?

"Hello," I spoke.

"What's up with you Ellen?" I stared at the phone and groaned - fucking Alex. He probably had run away and locked himself up in his room to vomit the whole gown incident to Dale on Skype.

"What are you talking about Dale?" I asked, clearly avoiding the topic.

"Don't dodge this Ellen. Confess quickly so we can move to finding out the next phase. Firstly, why the balls, are you so calm? Alex ripped your fifty thousand dollar nightgown." I sighed. I wanted to flop down in bed and let sleep consume me, not discuss my reaction on Alex's constant slip-ups around my life.

"It is only a gown Dale. What's the big deal? It's ripped so it's ripped. Now, I don't have a magical wand to repair it, then why bother. Moreover, I'll go buy something new while I am here." I made up my mind to include a trip to the market in my schedule for tomorrow - maybe I'd clash with blue eyes again. Yeah, great idea Ellen, who knows, maybe he works at the nearby shop from where we met.

"Big deal, Ellen? Are you kidding me?" Dale's words broke through my thoughts.

"Alex was right, something is definitely wrong with her," he whispered to himself. What is up with both of them? So what if I don't react? I am a billionaire. I can buy thousand new nightgowns as costly as the destroyed one.

"Dale, will you please stop this nonsense? I have to get ready for some futile surprise," I stated in an irritated tone.

"Okay Ellen, so let me put things a little more clear for you. It looks like you are not understanding our concerns." I waited for him to continue.

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