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I was staring at beauty of our guest,when steps of someone coming outside comes to my ears.

Before anyone catch me lurking second time today, I bolt toward the  basement and basically to my room but stopped, when pool comes in veiw and thought to take a breather that's before Sasha's drills me about angel & her friend.

Sitting by the pool I start to think what it would have been like, if Lucas wouldn't have find about our market tour.

I was so engrossed in fantasies about what would have or have not!, that I didn't even notice someone was standing behind me.

And when that someone whisper "Hi" in most beautiful voice I have heard, it startle to the point that I through myself in pool panicking by the thought of someone founding me here when there are guest inside.

when I lands on water and starts to sink;I realise I don't knows how to swim.

No one have ever let me in pool; it was a big no-no area for me.
I was only allowed here for cleaning it, nothing else!.

I start thrashing around in water knowing if no one comes to my rescue in nex5 few mins,it could be my last breath in this amazing pool and I don't want to die so soon.

And jUST when my hope was about to die. A pair of hand pushes me above the water surface and steadies me.

While I take deep breaths and clenched to my rescuers with all my might,those hands rubs my back.

I Thanked god for sending his angel for saving me.

"It's okay just take a deep breath nothing going to happens"My rescuer whispers in my ear.

"I would have drag you out of the pool but you are supporting too much muscle in compare to me" come again the soft voice after few mins.

That's when my eyes gone wide in  realisation. I am clinched to a girl or girl who is none other than our guest!
For past ten minutes!

I try to put some distance between us but when i let go,I start to drown again but angle steady me and I turned red in embarrassment.

"Come on we should get out of pool,water is fucking freezing in here" we both swim toward pool stairs. I mean angle swim while dragging me with her in process.

When we were outside of pool I try to say thank you for everything but my mouth went dry when my eyes lands on angel.

She have dived in pool all dressed and in the process her gown is drenched with water.

My eyes starts to fill at the thought of her gown, that gown would have cost her a lot probably more then my whole life work and now she is going to tell manager about I ruining her gown.

My heart starts to shrink. I won't survive two beatings on same day. I even have to work tomorrow, but I stop myself before i breaking down in front of her completely and accept my faith.

"Hey, what happens" she asked mein consern. I peek at her through my eyelashes.

"Noo...thing... I am. Sorr...y" I shuttered in low voice.

"Sorry for what?" she ask confusion clear in his voice.

"For ruinn...ing your go...wn" I clarified.

"Oh! You don't have to worry about that i have more like this one and it was my fault in first place. You wouldn't have been in pool all wet if I didn't have startled you from behind" 

"So you are not going to tell manager about your ruined gown?" I asked with a hope of no extra beating tonight.

"Why would i do that? Its my fucking gown, I can ruin it for all i want" she muttered and keep averting her eyes.

It's then I notice that my clothes are all wet too and they are clutching to my body i a way to make my abs wear on display for whole world to see.

Angel cleared her throat to get my attention.

"Ahh can you borrow me something for a while,you know to wear. I mean l can't go inside like this" She gesture toward her ruined gown.

"oh yess, amm please follow me" I start to walk toward basement feeling cautious of what she will think about where I am staying and then starts to panic what I am going to offer her for to wear. Before I can think more she asks me something.

"Hey what's your name? I can't call you blue eyes forever you know" I titled my head a little angle call me blue eyes.

"You call me blue eyes?" I was shock at my own voice.

"Yes" She said with a raised brow. I want to ask why but i am scared to offend her by asking too many questions, her gown is already ruined cause off me.

i lead her to the old building where my basement room is and opened the door slowly knowing Sasha was asleep i don't want to wake him or let him make look like us utter fools in front of angel by babbling about everything or nothing, it's one of specialties of Sasha he can talk about unreasonable thing at the any time without even knowing he was doing that.

"You never answer my que? you know about your name" She said with a unhappy tone.

"Err...ic" I shuttered feeling disoriented for making her unhappy.

"'Eric' hmmm" She thinks for few mins. "Eric you got a beautiful name" My name rolls on her tongue again which make shivers run down my spine, she have this melody type voice which can put everyone to their knees and make them do as she commands.

"My name is Ellen Clay" she offers while studying the basement area. I start to feel ashamed for inviting her here in this filthily place knowing she is probably living in some palace or something.

"If you don't mind will you please give me something to change in?" and i kick myself mentally for making her stand in wet clothes for so long.

"One second" I feel somewhat relaxed right now being in my room's cocoon.

When i opened the drawers i found only one pair of shirt and shorts and i want to just die before my next breath, i mean i have to forget on only day when the most beautiful girl is asking for my cloth please don't go on wrong way and even Sasha is nowhere to be seen, now what should i do we both are wet and i can't leave her like that.

As i was sorting things in my mind she knock on door, in panic i just pick up my shirt & shorts and open door for angel to come inside. I hand her my shirt and take my shorts with me and i let her change in my room at this time i was glad that Sasha went to his room while i was outside. If he find out that main guest is in my room, when everyone is probably waiting for her. He'll, i don't even want to think about it.

Because i don't have another option i just changed from my wet cloths to my shorts and waited for angel to come outside.

And when she comes through my room's door i gulped, something start to stir inside me, never in my life i would have imagine a old faded rough brown colour shirt can look so-so, so sexy on someone. Even if she is five- eleven and have strong built rather then skinny girls my shirt is like blanket on her body. I mean sexy blanket because my shirt is coming off from her one shoulder and sitting just above her knees.

One thing makes her more beautiful and confident is that she is not shying around or covering herself even while i was drooling over her she just check me out once and turns to go inside my room.

I was so disappointed that she didn't like me when i was practically half naked in front of her. This gives me a reality check that she'll never choose me over such amazing boys out there in mansion and my heart starts to crush at the thought her being with someone else.

I just want to keep her to myself and even after all my efforts one single lone tear escape my eyes.

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