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Harry and friends went into the Forbidden Forest and found out some pretty chill stuff from their centaur pal/teacher/buddy. Certain someone who's name rhymes with....Trayco Palfoy followed them. Some time passed and then it's Halloween and everything is going normal which is weird and then BAM something happened. Ah, the good old cliffhanger. okay now time for tears have fun.

T W E N T Y - S I X

Percy's eyes shot open so fast it was...fast. He was met with darkness. Hazy shadows and stumbling shapes were all he could make out. He felt for the bedpost to steady himself as he shot out of bed in a turmoil of tangled sheets with his eyes having not yet fully adjusted.

"What's going on?" he slurred, as his vision finally cleared. What had happened to his demigod senses? He should have been wide awake by now. His time at Hogwarts had meant that his reflexes had been dormant for quite a while. It was taking him way too long to recuperate.

Out of habit, Percy reached for Anaklusmos. His hand rested against the cap of the pen in his pocket, ready to be drawn (Yes he slept with a pen, get over it.) At the last second, he snatched his wand from the dresser instead. "Lumos," he murmured. It took him a few tries until the wand's tip lit up with a blue light. Granted, it wasn't his sword, but at least the wand had other benefits. He could see much better now.

Using, the light from his wand, he followed Ron to the window. The ginger peered through the glass, his orange eyebrows furrowed, and eyes staring straight down. "Get a look at this," he whispered. Percy, and the rest of his dorm-buddies crowded around the ledge to see what was going on. "What is it–oh."

Handfuls of students in their nightwear, some with hastily thrown on robes or uniforms, poured out on to the grass in a flurry of screams and shrieks. Blurry shadowed shapes sprinted towards them in a fray from all directions, seizing stray articles of clothing, and diving for anything that moved. Arrays of coloured beams of light bounced back and forth earning either screams or monstrous roars.

"What's going on?" Seamus whimpered. "What are those things?"

Harry drew a sharp intake of breath. "We're under attack."

"Attack?" Neville repeated nervously.

Harry moved quickly to his bed and tossed on a set of robes over his striped pajamas. "We have to help." Before anyone could protest, he'd turned on his heel and was gone, dashing down the stairs. Why did everyone always dash down the stairs? Gods, this was like one of those crappy fanfictions the Aphrodite cabin were always talking about.

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