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As Percy entered the Big House, he observed that as per usual, he was last to arrive. He awkwardly pulled out a seat besides Annabeth and sat down, waiting for someone to speak. An uneasy silence suffused. He took the momentary absence of sound to observe the arrangement of the room.

Sixteen seats had been drawn up around the table. At the head, Chiron was seated, in wheelchair form. Rachel stood beside him, choosing to leave her seat vacant.

Jason and Piper sat opposite each other, with Clovis passed out next to the daughter of Aphrodite, drooling slightly.

Each seat was occupied by a head counsellor, Clarisse, Lou Ellen, The Stolls...

Normally, Frank and Hazel would be there, despite not being councillors, but neither of them were present. The pair had left mere days ago for Camp Jupiter with Reyna and the rest of the twelfth legion. Percy assumed Chiron had already contacted them about their current predicament.

Aside from Frank and Hazel, Leo was the only member of the seven absent, and that was because he'd been presumed dead after he had exploded in the sky. Nico and Hazel had said they'd felt his death.
All the same, Percy got the feeling there was something they weren't letting on. It was for this reason that he preferred to think of Leo as missing in action. He wasn't dead, regardless of what anyone said. Hazel had resurrected before. Why couldn't Leo have?

Either way, his place at the table wasn't empty. A new councillor had been appointed. Jake Mason, fully healed from his injuries with Festus the previous year, had been reinstated and was busy tinkering with a few pieces of scrap metal, looking uncomfortable with his new position.

Percy's eyes darted around the room for a few more seconds more until he spotted Nico. Much to Percy's incredulity, his cousin, had made an appearance and was shifting awkwardly on his chair, throwing Will Solace evident sideways glances. He resisted the urge to laugh.

Instead he fidgeted nervously in his seat, twirling his ballpoint pen around in his fingers, waiting for someone to initiate the conversation. Just as Percy had finally gathered up the courage to speak himself, Rachel cleared her throat. "I-I've..." She paused for a moment before taking a deep breath. "I've spoken a prophecy."

Simultaneously, everyone began talking. Percy, already having heard this part, waited patiently for Rachel to continue.

"Quiet!" Chiron shouted. The chatter stopped immediately. Worry and confusion were etched upon his brow, and his frown lines were more noticeable than usual.

Chiron gestured for Rachel to continue.

"It was weird. I was packing...." she trailed off. "I must have passed out, but I could remember it clearly."

"Can we hear it?" Chiron asked. Rachel nodded. "I wrote it down," she pulled a folded piece of paper from her pocket and passed it to Chiron.

"I think you should do the honours, my dear."

She hesitated, than nodded and began to recite in a monotone.

"A child of the biggest three,
Shall travel to a far off land by sea
To seek a race long thought dormant
And find a hero of great importance
Without light the darkness shall forever grow
Until worlds unite, they are ruled by foes"

A moment of silence followed. "The spirit of Delphi was extinguished. This shouldn't be possible." Chiron frowned.

"Yeh, well technically our entire existence shouldn't be possible," Percy grumbled.

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