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It was Tuesday. That meant a lot of things.

For starters, it meant that the seventh year Gryffindors were to start with Defense Against the Dark Arts, a double period no less with the infamous Professor Trintheus. Hermione most definitely did not want to see what she had in store for the day. That came a surprise to her friends because normally she was always excited to see what her teachers had planned.

Secondly, a Hogsmeade trip had been announced for the weekend, earlier than it usually would be, and most of her peers had overreacted greatly, claiming it was because of the sorting hat's premonition– Hermione could only sigh and shake her head. She supposed they were Gryffindors and not Ravenclaws for a reason. The genius girl had taken the time to think the matter through and come to the conclusion that all of the conspiracy theories presented by the other students were completely and utterly false. Even after Harry had shown her his findings from the library– the answers were always at the library –she still didn't see how a minor thing such as a Hogsmeade trip could have anything to do with it.

And the third thing on the day's agenda; Ron and Harry were nowhere to be found. Hermione had checked their dorms, once, twice, and even three times. She wasn't expecting them to just magically pop out of thin air– okay, maybe she was, but that wasn't the point and besides no matter how many times she checked, their beds still remained unmade and empty.

She'd admit, she felt clingy, but her persistence was only because Ron had suggested that the two of them go down to breakfast together the night before, because wasn't that what couples did? He didn't say the last part but she knew he was thinking it.

Instead, he and Harry had both vanished together.

Truthfully, sometimes around Ron and Harry she felt like a third wheel, a stupid brainiac who only cared about her grades. She was surrounded by two brave wizards and what was she? Smart. That's all she felt like she had going for her. When Harry had started excelling in potions she felt like she'd been beaten at the one thing she was good at it. Wow. She was more insecure than she thought.

Hermione sighed and spared a glance outside the window. Maybe she was just overreacting. She glanced down at Hagrid's cabin, faint in the distance and shielded by fog. Was she imaging it? Or was that a flash of red? She rubbed her eyes and looked again. Yes, there was someone in Hagrid's pumpkin patch and he had red hair.

So Ron, had gone to see Hagrid– probably with Harry –instead of going to breakfast with her.

So be it. She would go breakfast without them.

As it turned out, they had already gone down to breakfast without her, which didn't make sense because she thought she'd just seen Ron at Hagrid's ten minutes ago. It doesn't take that long to walk to the castle from Hagrid's cabin, she told herself.

She walked over to the Gryffindor table, albeit somewhat grumpily, and found that Ron, Harry and Ginny were already in the midst of their meals, sparking light conversation.

"Ron, you're pathetic," Ginny was saying, "you don't need relationship lessons from Harry and I." If Hermione had been paying attention, she would have heard this comment. However she was too annoyed to care what they were talking about.

"But I do," Ron mumbled, "I'm an idiot," he moaned. This was when Ginny noticed Hermione drawing near, and nudged him under the table. The three of them instantly pretended like they were talking about something else.

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