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At two o'clock in the afternoon, Hogwarts castle was quiet for the most part. The school day was not quite over yet, meaning the majority of the noise was still contained within the castle and the classes it was currently holding.

Outside, the sun did little to warm the air. Those that were out donned cloaks and scarves, avoiding sitting in places the sun did not reach. The day was not a nice one. It was cold, chilling most to the bone, and the sky was not dominated by the sun as it would be in the hotter months. Only a few birds strayed from their nests, the pleasant sound of their chirping equipped by muffled screeching near the boundaries of the forest, where Hagrid was taking a class.

Situated near the forest, was the lake. It was as still as ever but the battles of the merfolk clans were still being waged underwater despite the sounds of their war being inaudible to mortal ears.

Things were as peaceful as they were going to get.

Until Clarisse arrived.

Storming across the grounds in a whirlwind of fury and anger, she was just about ready to pulverise someone on the spot. Her footfalls were loud and ferocious enough to send what few birds were around, flying for their lives and seeking sanctuary from the horror of Clarisse's fabled emotions.

She was livid. Scratch that. She was beyond livid. Her patience– what little she had –was gone. Her temper had soared through the roof and she contained enough anger in that single moment to light a fire with just the heat in her eyes.

It had only been a few minutes since she's run into Harry and made a most alarming discovery but she was not going to waste any time with her next actions.

When Clarisse reached the stables, she flung open the door so hard it was almost ripped off its hinges. It slammed shut behind her with a tremendous thump, startling the animals closest to the entrance.

Aside from a few creatures who'd made a temporary stay and were under Hagrid's care– plus Blackjack –the only occupant of the stables was Percy Jackson.

Percy didn't even flinch as Clarisse gave him her best evil stare down which only fuelled the girl's anger. He spared her a single fleeting glance before returning to the task of satisfying Blackjack's hunger with another donut. The pegasus snorted in pleasure.

"Jackson," she snarled, spitting the word out, "I am going to kill you!"

This time he did flinch. Doing his best to avoid eye contact entirely, he slowly lifted his head again and nodded once. "Hey Clarisse," he greeted. His calm demeanour didn't fool her. Percy had mastered Lupa's wolf stare, but that was after Clarisse had mastered her own death stare. If she tried hard enough, she could recounter in vivid detail the expression Percy had acquired when they'd first met, back when she was about to drag him to the bathroom at Camp Half Blood for what she had considered initiation. That look of faintly concealed fear was the only memory of that day she'd relinquished and it was similar to the look he bore now. It gave her a sense of satisfaction to know that even after all Percy had gone through, that if she had the willpower, she could earn something of a reaction out of him. Not so mighty now, huh?

Albeit, Percy was in a fragile state of mind and wasn't exactly himself, but Clarisse would take what she could get.

That satisfaction quickly dissipated when Percy looked up to face her again, holding eye contact this time. His wolf stare frightened Clarisse. She'd tried to build up an immunity to it but she still shuddered as his eyes bore into her. How was it that he was too upset to do anything other than mope, but he could still gather the energy to glare at her like that?

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