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Precisely a quarter of an hour later, the Hogwarts Express began its long, strenuous journey towards its destination.

Whilst Percy managed to find a way to occupy himself, Harry found it impossible to do so. His thoughts were alive, and spiralling out of control.

Deciding he needed to clear his mind, he excused himself and exited the carriage, finding sanctuary in walking the corridors of the train. The consistent sideways glanced thrown his way were unavoidable and would probably follow him wherever he went, so he chose to ignore them.

About halfway down the train, he heard shouting. Curious, and looking for any possible excuse to distract himself, he headed towards where it appeared to be coming from.

"-punk, I don't care who your father is, but unless you fix my robes, you'll be meeting mine!" The voice was definitely female and most certainly not one he had heard before.

His eyes widened as a second person spoke. This was definitely a voice he knew.

"Oh yeah? And what's your father going to do? Turn me into a slug for making you look like a fool, I suppose?"

Harry stopped just outside the compartment, its doors wide open. His mouth opened in surprise as he lay eyes on a bulky, well built girl in robes five sizes too small, with her wand pointed at none other than Draco Malfoy.

The girl would have been threatening, even with her shrunken robes, if it were not for the fact that she was pointing her wand the wrong way.

The two of them, were so preoccupied in their argument that they didn't appeared to notice him, nor the crowd they had started to attract, some of which had probably followed Harry.

"Listen here you worthless runt," the girl bellowed. "You change them back or I will wipe the world of your measly existence-"

Malfoy scoffed. "I'd like to see you try, you buffoon-"

The girl hissed and before Harry could comprehend what was happening, she lunged forwards and had Malfoy in a headlock in two seconds flat.

"Change them back!" she demanded. "Or I will break every puny bone in your body and you better pray that the gods are watching your back!"

"Hey!" Harry shouted, finally stepping forwards. "Let go of him," he addressed the girl. "He's not worth it."

The girl looked up to face him, with a flicker of surprise, mirrored in both her and Malfoy's features. It was gone almost as soon as it had appeared and the girl's face had taken on an even more angered expression.

"This imbecile-"

"Malfoy," Harry interrupted. "Fix her robes."

"Why should I?" he sneered, struggling to maintain his smug demeanour. For a second Harry thought he sensed Malfoy's fear. Was Malfoy afraid of him?

"You're not in the best position to be arguing," Harry said as calmly as he could.

"Neither are you," Malfoy retorted. "If it weren't for the Ministry being afraid of you blasting them to bits, they'd have you sent straight to Aszkaban. They know you killed that woman. Rita Skeeter?" He smirked.

Harry paled. The students surrounding him began to whisper.

"Fix her robes," he repeated, sending a stone cold glare in Malfoy's direction. He trembled.

"Fine," he said, through gritted teeth.

Harry looked back to Clarisse and she scowled, releasing her grip on the blonde boy, letting him hit the floor with a thump. He scrambled up and stood poised, ready for defence. The girl raised an eyebrow and looked at him expectantly.

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