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It was late in the night when Nico arrived. Percy was fast asleep. The small boy sat on the edge of his bed, surprised that the green eyed boy hadn't awoken yet. He watched a small sliver of drool trail down Percy's cheek. He held back a laugh. Annabeth was right, Percy did drool in his sleep. A lot. It was kind of cute...

What was he doing? He didn't like Percy anymore. That's what he kept trying to tell himself, anyway.

Still, he felt like a creep, more specifically a creep like Edward Cullen what with the whole 'watching people in their sleep' thing. He only knew who Mr I-Sparkle-In-The-Sun was because Will had forced him through three sittings of the stupid Twilight series claiming it was a classic. Yeah- a classic mistake for Nico to make, roped into watching the cringeworthy movies not once but three times.

The sound of someone stirring in their slumber shook him out of his thoughts. The boy in the next bed let out an incoherent jumble of words and turned over. He was hanging dangerously close off the bed and Nico worried that he would fall off and wake up. Then he would be in serious trouble. The son of Hades turned back to face Percy, who still hadn't budged. At this rate, the entire dorm would be awake before he could wake Percy up.

Nico walked round the bed and silently tapped the boy on the shoulder. "Wake up!" he hissed, barely in a whisper as he glanced around the room. He narrowed his eyes when he realised that two of the beds were empty. "Great job, Percy," he muttered.

He considered summoning an army of the dead to wake up the son of Poseidon but that would be too loud and waste far too much of his energy. After a few more minutes of watching Percy remain inanimate, Nico had had enough.

"Fine, you asked for it." He balled his hand into a fist and punched Percy in the gut. Quick as a flash, the green eyed boy was sitting up straight with Riptide pointed at Nico's throat. He blinked when he saw who was at the point of his sword. "Nico? What are you doing here?" he asked groggily. He capped Riptide and it returned to the state of a ballpoint pen which he pocketed. "What do you want?" he muttered, rubbing his sleep filled eyes. "Geez, it's the middle of the night."

"Get up," Nico said with a scowl on his pale face. He tried to sound menacing but Percy just laughed. Unfazed, he climbed out of bed and walked quietly towards his suitcase. He threw on a large fuzzy blue sweater with the letter 'P' imprinted on it. It looked so horrid that he had to glance away.

He turned his attention to the open window and squinted through the darkness, staring outside. The light illuminating from the cabin perched by the shadowy masses of the forest was the only thing visible in the dark landscape- for any regular being that was. Nico on the other hand could make out every blade of grass as if it were day. He closed his eyes and concentrated. There were four people in that cabin, three of which probably shouldn't be there.

"Are you coming?" Percy asked.

Nico opened his eyes and nodded. He followed Percy to the stairwell and they walked quietly down the stairs towards the common room. Every creaking floorboard made Nico cringe. Surely someone would wake? He didn't want to be the one responsible for blowing the cover and jeopardising the quest. The other campers disliked him as much as it was. Will said otherwise but he digressed. He was a child of death. Creepy and weird. What reasons did they have to like him?

When they reached the common room, the fire was still blazing, compensating for the blanket of darkness outside, swallowing up the sky.

Nico didn't bother to sit down, he liked to stand. However, Percy practically face planted on the couch and almost fell asleep then and there if not for the other boy's disapproving glare. "I'm awake..." he slurred, "don't punch me again."

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