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If you pay careful attention as you're speeding along a particular road on Long Island, you will notice things.

You will notice the thick, heavy atmosphere that can mean nothing of good. You will notice the broken fence alongside a small section of the road, now overgrown with weeds, looking like it has been trampled long ago. If you are to stop your car, allowing curiosity to get the better of you, the broken section of fence shall be exactly where your legs will carry you.

Up a hill and through a forest that you know very little of. You will regard the bloodstains scarring the hill and everything on it with interest, heeding the odd assortment of weapons scattered; some beneath rocks, others in trees, or even partly concealed by dirt. If you are to walk a little further, you will near a pine tree. Draped within the branches of this pine tree will be a large golden fleece; The very same Golden Fleece you are no doubt familiar with.

Guarding this fleece is a large copper scaled dragon. Unbeknownst to you, he goes by the name of Peleus. If you are to make it past Peleus, you will find yourself overlooking a camp. This is no ordinary camp. This camp has witnessed a great battle, a terrible war, marking imprints upon every fibre of grass, every tree, every cabin, and leaving blood stains and destruction as a reminder. This camp is no ordinary camp. This camp is a camp for demigods; children of the gods. And say, the only way you will have made it to Camp Half Blood- for that is what the camp is called, is if you yourself are a child of an Olympian.

Now, worlds will be united once more, and this camp will not be the only one affected. Wizards and Demigods alike shall find themselves whisked into such complete and utter disarray that it will change their perspective on everything.

This camp has been through so much, and little do you know is that it's about to go through so much more.

Welcome to Camp Half Blood.

You're probably going to die.


Percy wandered through camp, humming happily to himself. His eyes skimmed across the crowd of campers, searching for the all too familiar mop of curly blonde hair belonging to his girlfriend. His gaze landed on her almost immediately. She lit up at the sight of him and began to make her way towards him.

"Percy!" she shouted, causing a few people to turn in her direction.

Smiling, Percy pushed through a group of gossiping daughters of Aphrodite. Mumbling apologies, he chose to ignore the death glares they were shooting him.

"Annabeth!" Percy exclaimed, as he finally reached her.

"Where have you been? I've been looking everywhere!" Annabeth scolded, slapping Percy playfully.

Looking sheepish, he scratched the back of his neck, trying to think of a suitable answer. His train of thought was interrupted as the sound of the conch horn could be heard, signalling the beginning of the campfire.

"Uh, it's not important, I'll tell you later," he said quickly.

Percy had in fact been investigating monster attacks near London for his dad, but he wasn't about to tell Annabeth that as he wasn't supposed to leave camp so soon after the war with Gaia.

Although Gaia had been defeated only a few days ago, the attacks were still as frequent as ever, but the ones near London were happening in some sort of pattern. With Gaia gone, things had been undoubtedly much easier, but her armies were still alive and had spread out, thus the reason Percy had been in London.

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