Chapter 7

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Today is Friday. The day for Oli to get his alpha title.

I haven't seen Jack anywhere Ava I thought

I know Emily. But Jack is busy with his mate. Don't worry you have me she replied and I nodded

Ava is my inner vampire. Every vampire has a spirit inside them and I have Ava. Sometimes you have a bad spirit, which leads you to do to bad things. But Ava is a good spirit.

The party starts at 6 today, and Oli explained everything to me. Dad is going to introduce him onto the stage, and then dad will hand down his tittle. After that the whole pack will shift and have a run around the Pack.

But as the whole supernatural are coming, dad said that everyone who is willing to go for a run around the pack, will go.

Dad said everyone is really happy because the Alpha King is coming as well. I have never heard of an Alpha King but Oli told me that he is the strongest and most deadliest Alpha there is. His pack is, our pack and granddad's pack put together. That's how big his pack is. Amazing

Oli is excited because he knows he will meet his mate today. Mom told me that meeting a mate is the most amazing feeling ever. She said that when, she and dad met, she didn't want a mate. But when she got to know dad it was different.
She said she felt sparks and they were strong.

When Jack used to bring me books every night, he bought me one about mates. It said that when you look into your mates eyes, it's hard to look away. When you touch, you can feel sparks.

"Emily.." I heard dad say and I looked up to see him confused

"What's wrong princess?" He asked and I shook my head

"Nothing dad" I replied and he nodded

"Okay. But get ready soon. Everything is ready in the garden. And its 4.30 already. Some people might even start coming. Okay?" He said taking a water bottle out of the fridge and I nodded as he walked out the kitchen.

Yesterday dad calmed down and dad didn't want Susan to take a sample of my blood. Dad said that he felt weird, he couldn't stop himself from anything. It was like his vampire wasn't listening to him. And he said that my blood is sweeter than a normal vampire. I still don't understand.

I got off the stool and pushed it back in, then walked out the kitchen.

Yesterday mom took me to a spa. I had never been to a spa before but it felt good.

Everyone kept complementing me about my hair and my skin. They said that they have never seen such natural dark hair and I looked beautiful. They said I looked like snow white because of my fair skin and black hair. I've never watched the snow white movie. Just seen the book

I walked upstairs to my room and had a quick shower. I wore my black dress and my shoes and went to the little make up drawer, mom bought me.

I know how to use makeup because Cameron bought a woman to show me how to use it. Cameron always said that I need a lot of makeup on my face, to hid the ugliness.

I wore my foundation, my highlighter, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, contour, and my mascara

Cameron said that I need all this on my face to cover up.

I put my hair in a ponytail and turned around to see mom walking inside.

"Oh sweetie. Why have you put so much make up on your face?" She asked closing the door and walking towards me.

"I need it mom" I replied and she shook her head.

"No you don't. You look beautiful with out make up. Come and wash it off" she said and I nodded slowly.

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