Chapter 17

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My hand was gripped tightly in Harry's as he tugged me up the steps to his flat. I felt like my heart was in my mouth as he forced the door open before abruptly shutting it behind us. He didn't waste time in ridding me of my jacket, hanging it up. The warmth of Harry's touch could be felt on my lower back as a large hand guided me along the hallway to a door that I knew was his bedroom. My mind flashed through the images of what had happened last time I was here.

I heard the door close before Harry came up behind me, my body jumping slightly as his fingers pushed my hair to the side. Plump lips were pressed to the skin of my neck, nibbling and sucking. I was suddenly spun round to face him, my chest rising and falling heavily. Harry could tell how nervous I was as he took my trembling hands in his large ones. He kept eye contactwith me as he brought one hand up to his mouth, leaving a light kiss on the skin.

"I'll be gentle." He whispered.

I watched him kick his converse off before slowly kneeling down in front of me. His large hands caressed the skin of my right thigh as he slid his touch down my leg. I couldn't take my eyes off him.

"So soft." He mumbled into the kisses that were left down my tingling skin.

My leg was raised, hands gripping onto Harry's broad shoulders as he took my shoe off. The process was repeated with the other foot, before he stood to his full towering height in front of me. Harry's head flicked to his large bed, instructing me to move over to it, which I hesitantly did as he followed.

He pulled me up so I was kneeling, sat up on the bed. My body facing away from him as he knelt behind me. A strong arm wrapped round my waist, decreasing the distance between us as my back pressed to Harry's front. His lips hummed in my ear as I rolled my head back to his shoulder. My body tensed as I felt his hand cup my breast, gently squeezing as he went down. Harry's touch sent tingles through my body. His strong arm held me as I squirmed against him. He skimmed his warm hand up the inside of my thigh, at the same pace he did in the club. A whimper fell from my lips as Harry's fingers lightly touched me over my underwear. He began to rub over the sensitive area as my hips moved with the touch. I struggled to draw in breath, the feeling of his fingers jumbling my thoughts. My backside rubbed against his crotch as he increased the pressure. All the while his raspy voice whispered dirty things into my ear. It shocked me slightly as he told me all the things he wanted to do to me.

"Harry." I breathily gasped.

He groaned, his fingers then slipping into the front of my underwear. I cried out in surprise, no-one had ever touched me like this before. My body began to slump against his. My shaking legs finding it difficult to keep me up, even though my back was still pressed firmly to his front. Harry's thumb gently moving over my clit, eliciting whimpers from my parted lips.

"Mmm." He huskily whispered into my ear.

Hot kisses were trailed down my neck as he continued to pleasure me. It startled me a little as Harry shifted, taking me with him as he sat on the edge of the bed. I still faced away from him, sitting on his lap.

"Up." He instructed.

I complied, lifting my hips slightly as he hitched my dress up to my waist. Harry's large hands caught hold of my thighs, spreading them so my legs hung either side of his lap. My head lazily turned to catch a glimpse of Harry bringing his fingers up to his mouth. He sucked on them before pulling them out. Rough fingertips ran up the inside of my thighs before they dipped into my underwear again. But this time his middle finger teased my entrance. I knew he was being careful, easing the finger in gently. But it didn't stop the small uncomfortable moans falling from my mouth. My head rested back on his shoulder again, struggling to breathe as he pushed in deeper. His strong arm gripped my waist in an attempt to stop me from wriggling.

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