Chapter 37

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Harry closed my bedroom door as I quickly made my way over to the other side of the dark space. My fingers felt round for the switch to my fairy lights. Once found the room was engulfed in a soft pink. I turned to face Harry who had removed his keys, phone and wallet from the back pocket of his jeans.

The depths of his stunning eyes stared at me as I fiddled with my hands, shuffling on my feet.

I knew my nervousness was clear, receiving a small smile from Harry.

“Come here.”

His long fingers extended to me, my feet moving toward him to accept the gesture. I swallowed down my anxiety, biting on my lower lip. Harry’s left arm slid round my back, gently enticing me closer.

“You’re safe. I’ll keep you safe.” He whispered.

And I believed him. I knew Harry would stop at nothing to protect me. It was difficult to describe to anyone how our relationship had begun. But more so how it had developed. I could trust Harry with practically anything. Is this what it felt like to be in love? To be so engulfed in someone, to want to give them everything.

Harry had already given me his heart.

An innocent kiss was exchanged between us. Pulling apart, but still our lips continued to brush. Our foreheads pressed together as I carefully felt down his stomach. My hands trembled as I caught hold of the bottom of his top. The t shirt was peeled from Harry’s long torso, frowning slightly as the injuries he had sustained from the fight came into view. But despite the imperfections he still looked breathtakingly beautiful. His tanned skin was smooth as I traced over the defined lines on his stomach.

“You must be an angel.” I whispered, peering up to Harry’s face.

His stunning features illuminated in the glow of my fairy lights. Dark curls, dimples, beautiful smile, astonishing green eyes and full, pouted lips. He looked like no other guy I had ever seen.

“I’m no angel, Baby.” His words holding a hint of hurt, orbs falling down to where I gripped his hand.

I knew he had taken part in some questionable activities and I still wasn’t sure if he would ever be free of the darkness that possessed him. But I didn’t want him to change for me.

“Well, I think you are.”

I raised his hand to my mouth, leaving delicate kisses to the knuckles.

“Why?” He asked confused.

“How can someone look as breath taking as you and not be an angel.” I spoke quietly. “That’s the only explanation I can think of.” I smiled.

He quietly laughed off the comment before kissing me on the end of my nose. My fingers trailed over his strong shoulders and down his toned arms, lightly squeezing at the muscle. I still couldn’t believe he had won the fight. Still amazed by the skill he had displayed in the boxing ring. But my mood quickly drained, mind darting to the cause of his violent come back.

“What did he say?” My voice soft as I looked up to Harry.

I didn’t need to speak the name. Harry knew. His posture stiffened, eyes pinning me to the spot. My fingers found his, attempting to comfort him. His body seemed to relax slightly with my touch.

“You really want to know?” His tone was a little harsh.

Did I want to know? The unknown information had been playing on my mind since I had witnessed him turn on Scott in the ring. My desire to discover the trigger to Harry’s rage outweighed the sensible part of me, the part telling me to just drop the subject.

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