Chapter 4

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“Hello, Beautiful.”

When I didn’t move Harry grabbed my forearm and leaned down to kiss me. I hastily turned my head to the side, his full lips making contact with my cheek instead of his intended target. He pulled away, a smile tugging at his lips. His eyes burnt into mine until my head dropped, my fingers fiddling with the strap of my bag.

“Come on.”

I reluctantly stepped outside, turning to the front door and lock it. I had only just placed the keys in my bag when Harry’s fingers entwined with mine. His large hand was warm, if I didn’t feel so threatened by him; the touch would have comforted me. We crossed the road to where the intimidating black vehicle was parked. The passenger door was yanked open and Harry peered down at me expectantly.

“Hop in, Love.”

I complied, my breath trembling out as he slammed the door behind me. My head turned looking around the interior of the car. It was surprisingly clean for a guy. I watched as he jogged round the front to the driver’s side. His tall frame easily climbing into the vehicle before he abruptly shut the door. It frightened me that I was now alone with him.

“Don’t look so nervous, Bo.” Harry smirked.

His green orbs lingered on me for a few seconds before he reached round for his seatbelt, strapping himself in. I did the same, my eyes landing back on Harry as he swiftly turned on the ignition and shifted the car into reverse. He grinned at me, winking before pulling out of the space and onto the road.

I noticed his blazer sleeves were pushed up his strong forearms as he tightly gripped the steering wheel. He swept some curls from his face, clearing his vision to see the cars speeding past on the junction. I found myself staring at his face until his lips curved up into a smile and I knew I’d been caught. My head dipped down to pick at my finger nails as a blush crept up onto my cheeks.

“How old are you?” I asked quietly.

I glanced up at his face. He turned to me for a second before looking back out the windscreen.



The rest of the ride was pretty quiet, I spent the time looking out my window. The sun was slowly fading in the sky as we pulled into a car park. I jumped back into the seat as Harry placed his hand on my knee, but I stopped him before he could move it any higher. He deeply chuckled, then withdrew his touch.

“We’re here.”

I unbuckled my seatbelt, and reached for the handle. My eyes widened when I realised it was locked. I had to wait for Harry to open my door from the outside. I shivered a little at the thought of being locked in with him. I couldn’t help but shy away from his touch as he helped me down from the car. A reaction which didn’t go unnoticed by Harry.

I tugged my jacket tighter to my body as the wind whipped round. I was pulled under one of Harry’s strong arms as he guided me to the path. I took in a deep breath, the smell of the sea filling my senses. We turned a corner and I realised we were at the harbour. My eyes flicked from one boat to another, all of them moored up to the dock.

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