Chapter 23

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"You alright?" Harry asked.
I wasn't completely ready to fully give myself to him. And without directly speaking the words I knew Harry was aware. He stood at the end of my bed, his newly exposed chest was revealed to me. His blazer and t shirt left strewn across the floor. He waited for my small nod before pulling open his belt. The metal buckle clinked as the button on his jeans was popped, the zip being dragged down. I lay intently watching as he undressed before me. My heart rapidly racing as more of his smooth, tanned skin was revealed. I kept my underwear on, a baggy t shirt covering my torso as I clutched the thin cover to my chest.
Harry's plump bottom lip was caught between his teeth as he gazed over me. I shyly smiled, cheeks blushing slightly. I heard him chuckle before shoving his trousers to the floor. He stepped out of them, climbing onto the end of the bed. Eyes dark as he held my contact.
I nervously gulped as Harry slowly crawled up to me. The thin sheet separating us rubbed against my bare thighs as he rested his body in between them. His face lowered to mine, plump lips placing kisses to my cheeks then my mouth. It startled me slightly as his hips were gently rolled into mine. The friction created forced me to gasp for air. The actions seemed much more intimate now than they had in the park. A change in atmosphere, not as desperate. The pace slower, more romantic but just as intense. Our lack of clothing adding to the feel of heated affection.
Harry's beautiful face was dimly illuminated by my twinkling fairy lights. His mouth falling agape in pleasure as he kept our eyes locked. I couldn't help but whimper, our crotches rubbing together through the white sheet. He released a throaty groan as I swivelled my hips. Our heated movements were having an increasingly apparent effect on Harry. The bulge in his dark boxers becoming stiff against me.
Lips were hastily pressed to mine is a heavy kiss. The sounds emitting from our mouths caught by one another. My hand travelled up to his hair, combing through the soft curls before fisting them between my fingers. Harry groaned in approval. The distance between our panting bodies was decreased, my breasts pressing to his hard chest. I lightly tugged on his ringlets, guiding his head to the side as I placed kisses down his neck.
Harry's erection was desperately straining against the black material of his boxers. He looked almost pained at the restriction. I found myself wanting to please him. Despite my lack of experience, I knew Harry's pleasure would be intensified without the limiting confines hugging his lower half. My hands hesitantly reached out. Green orbs shot open as my fingers wriggled into the elastic on his hips.
"Bo?" Harry asked questioningly.
"It's alright." I whispered.
I kept my gaze locked on his face, edging the underwear slowly down his thighs. Our heavy breathing filled the heated room. Harry's large hands took over, pushing them down his ankles and dropping them to the floor. I couldn't help but gasp as his naked body pressed to me, the thin sheet the only barrier preventing me from feeling his hot, bare skin. My fingertips traced his strong shoulders, nails suddenly digging in as his hips rolled against mine. His weight was rested on to his forearms either side of my head. His naked body providing somewhat of a shield. My hand travelled up gripping the back of his neck. Our lips pressed together in a messy kiss as Harry revelled in the new freedom given to him.
The thin sheet between us began to feel suffocating on my body; Harry's movements becoming a little more desperate. Fingertips trailed down his toned back; sweat glittering the clammy skin as he worked against me. I smiled upon hearing him lightly chuckle in response to my small hand gently squeezing his bum. The intense pleasure coursing through my veins was a feeling I had only ever experienced with Harry. Regardless of the situation we were in, his presence provided me with a sense of safety. There was no doubt in my mind that he wouldn't fiercely protect me.
"Bo." Harry's raspy voice strained.
I knew he was close, his face nuzzling into the crook of my neck. Teeth nipping at the tingling skin as Harry desperately tried to delay his release.
"Harry....let go." I whispered.
I watched in complete awe as he rolled his head back. Harry's torso pulled away from me slightly, displaying his strong chest and prominent collar bones. My lips parted. I couldn't quite get my head around the beauty above me. I had grown accustomed to an unmistakable darkness Harry held, but this became increasingly difficult to believe. My eyes scanned over him in wonder.
He looked like an angel.
I almost felt like I shouldn't touch him, scared that he would disappear. Hot breath puffed over my skin as his face returned to mine. Eyes were tightly squeezed closed as he held onto the remaining bursts of writhing pleasure pulsing through his body.
"Shit." He breathily cursed.
I smiled, his profanity making him appear more human. The wet heat Harry had released could be felt through the thin sheet as he ground his crotch into mine. His movements become irregular, slowing down as exhaustion engulfed his body. I watched as a pink tongue slid from his mouth, gliding over his swollen lips. Long lashes brushed my face as he lowered his head pressing a lingering kiss to my cheek. Harry's green orbs sparkled as he smiled down at me.
I wriggled as Harry attempted place his hand under the sheet. His hot touch skimmed down my stomach until it met the top of my lace underwear. But I stopped him before he could slip his long fingers in. A confused expression crossed his face.
"You didn't finish." He explained.
His hand moved to carry out the actions I had previously prevented.
My fingers wrapped round his wrist, tugging it out from beneath the warm confines.
"It's alright." I told him.
I didn't feel I needed a release. Just watching Harry come undone above me had brought me another indescribable pleasure. He peered at me curiously before a small smile curved on his plump lips.
"I'm still trying to figure you out." He spoke quietly, a hint of teasing in his raspy tone.
Harry's deep laugh echoed round the room, my eyes tightly closed as he removed himself from the bed. From previous experience I knew Harry wasn't shy when it came to intimate situations. I had a feeling he was fully aware of the effect he had on not only me, but everyone who had seen him without clothes. But as I pondered over the thought, I realised he still had the same captivating influence over me even when he was fully dressed.
"Bo, I don't mind." He told me.
I listened blindly to his words. I knew his comment was in reference to me seeing him naked. But I couldn't open my eyes. I don't know why, maybe it was because I felt like I should respect his modesty.
The sheet was tugged from over me. I assumed Harry had taken it to wrap round his waist. My eyes opened, adjusting to the dim light once again. The fairly lights hung up round the walls of my room still held a pretty glow. My gaze followed the sounds of Harry as he moved across my floor.
My eyes widened slightly as I watched Harry stroll over to the bathroom door. He was still completely, beautifully naked. His back was kept to me but he turned his head, a wide smile gracing his face as he cheekily winked at me. Dark, chestnut curls tousled on his head after my fingers had repeatedly run through them. The muscles in his back expanded and contracted as he moved. I watched him place the sheet in the washing basket. His fingers holding his boxers before disappearing into the bathroom.

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