Chapter 1

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I immediately spotted my group of friends in the crowded room. The party had become busier as the night drew on, the house barely containing the numerous intoxicated teenagers. It was then I noticed a rather attractive male appear in the doorway of the kitchen. His smile lit up his face, brown eyes sparkling at me. My lips revealed a shy smile as he began to make his way over. But I... grew a little disappointed as he stopped instantly, his vision darting to a spot over my shoulder. I spun to discover what he was intently looking at, a tall boy with dark curly hair angrily pinned him with his harsh gaze. I didn’t recognize him at first, but a story my friend had frightened me with, floated to the front of my mind. This boy had lost his temper one night, beating a guy to the floor. He had a history of violent behavior, no wonder my brown-eyes guy immediately backed off. He headed straight back into the kitchen without giving me a second look.

My pulse could be heard in my ears, mouth becoming dry. I stood frozen to the spot as the intimidating height of a male shadowed over me. My nervous eyes travelled up the length of his body, my fingers clutching round my cup a little tighter. His jeans clung perfectly to his lower half, a white t shirt adorning his torso. I was yet to properly meet the dark focus I knew was trained on my face.

“Dance with me.” He spoke in a raspy voice.

I didn’t have time to respond before he tugged me away, the cup I was holding dropping and spilling to the floor. A large palm was place on my lower back forcing me forwards into his body. My hand flew up to his chest to stop myself from pressing into him. His rough actions left me utterly speechless; I’d never been treated like this before. My fingers were clasped, the currently unnamed male, encouraging my hand round the back of his neck. I boldly looked up, stunned to see a pair of sparkling eyes peering down at me. They were almost a jade color, framed with dark lashes. But I soon shook off the intriguing sparks running through my body. My cautiousness heightened as pink, heart shaped lips pulled into a smirk.

“What’s your name, beautiful?”

“B-Bo.” I stuttered.

He smiled down at me, his overpowering presence travelling to my ear.

“I’m Harry.” He hotly whispered.

Before he withdrew, the fullness of his lips pressed to the spot just below my ear. My eyes fluttered closed and I gripped his neck tighter. I released a gasp as he forced my hips to his. A deep chuckle vibrated in his chest, clearly enjoying the reaction he was drawing from me. I had never experienced anything like this before, apparently it was obvious.

“I like you” he smirked “You’re so…innocent.”

His dark gaze fell down to my chest, taking advantage of his height he indulged in the view down my top. My fingers dropped from where I held his nape. The urge to redden his cheek with my palm was growing. But I restrained, still fearful of the towering male. My hands rose up to shove him away, but he caught hold of my wrists.

“Now, now.” He huskily spoke.

Harry brought my arms down to my sides in his firm hold. I flinched as he took his time to run a warm touch down my back. His long fingers wriggled into the back pocket of my jeans and I soon realised he was searching for my phone. His hand lingered and it became clear that wasn’t his only objective. My backside was tightly squeezed before the item of interest was taken from my jeans. The strained whimper that escaped my parted lips caused his to quirk up in a grin.

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