Chapter 34

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I aimlessly scrolled through the messages on my phone, my fingers drumming against the steering wheel as I listened to The Vaccines, waiting for Bo to finish work. The phone was placed on the dashboard before I looked at my watch. What was taking her so long? I was just about to go and search for her when the door to the shop opened. She clumsily stumbled out, probably tripping over her own feet, knowing Bo. But my attention then narrowed on the guy who followed out behind her.

My right hand clenched round the wheel as he quickly took her forearm, helping to steady her. Why was he touching her?

She smiled at him before he handed her his phone. What was going on? I pushed my curls back as I continued to watch the interaction. I didn’t like the way he was looking at her…or lusting after her. But I remained in the car, knowing Bo wouldn’t appreciate it if I intervened. The longer I observed them, the tighter my grip became, knuckles turning white.

As she walked away his eyes followed after her. He was making it blatantly obvious he was checking her out. Even when she was climbing into my car, there was a subtle tilt to his head as he gaped at her arse. Oh fuck this.

“Who’s that?” I asked sharply.

“Hello to you too, Harry.” She replied sarcastically before kissing my cheek.

Bo’s fingers brushed back a few strands of hair from her face as she studied my less than pleased expression.

“Who is he?” I repeated a little angrier.

I think Bo knew I wasn’t in the mood to joke. Her posture gave off the impression she was little apprehensive of my reaction.

“Dan.” Bo spoke quietly, looking down to start picking at her nails.

“And?” I raised my eyebrows.

My patience was wearing thin as she gave me as little information as possible.

“And he’s just started work at the shop.”

“Why did he give you his phone?”

She bravely peered up to me. Her lips parted to speak then clamped shut. I watched her gaze fall down once again.

“H-He’s new to the area. He asked if he could have my number so I could show him round.” Bo replied quietly.

She nervously picked at her nails as she looked down to her lap once again.

“You’re not showing him round.” I bit back.

I had a good idea what he wanted to see and he must have been fucking stupid to think I would let him anywhere near. Bo’s gaze came back to me, eyebrows set in a frown. I knew she wanted to protest but she bit her tongue. There wasn’t much point in arguing about it. I would get my way.

“Did you tell him you had a boyfriend?”

I forced my tone to resonate a softer sound, knowing I would get little out of her if she was frightened. My finger’s gently caught hold of her chin, angling it towards me as I brushed my thumb over her bottom lip.

“N-No, it hadn’t come up in conversation.”

My touch instantly fell away, turning my head to pin Dan with my gaze. He was still stood outside the shop, curiously observing our interaction as he was forced to try and determine what was happening through the movement of our mouths.

“He’s nice, Harry.”

I could tell by the tone of Bo’s voice she was desperately trying to convince me. My eyes squeezed closed in exasperation before locking my gaze with the girl sat in the passenger seat. She had no idea he had been shamelessly checking her out minutes before. Her innocence still proved to be something of an astonishment to me. And I sure as hell wasn’t going to let this guy take advantage of her naivety. Bo really did have no clue the effect she had on males.

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