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Chapter 5

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My hands tightly gripped the sink, leaning my weight on it as I tried to control my breathing. I raised my head up to the mirror attempting to calm myself down. I couldn’t believe how forward Harry’s actions were. It’s like he didn’t care if anyone saw. I patted my pockets to check for my phone.


I had left it in my bag, at the table, with Harry. My heart sunk at the realisation that I had no one to contact. I shook my head, my hair swaying from side to side.

“I can’t do this.” I spoke to myself.

I glanced up at my reflection in the mirror again; I don’t think I had ever been more scared. Frantically I paced up and down in the empty toilet, trying to figure out my options. I could either go back in and face Harry or I could make a break for it. My eyes darted over to the window and I quickly opted for option two.

My hands yanked the window open, I was about to climb on to the sill when the door creaked open. To my relief I spun round to see the waitress that had served us.

“Are you Bo?” She asked.

I nodded my head and waited for her to continue.

“The guy you’re with asked me to check on you.”

“Oh god.”

She walked closer to me, catching my hand and pulling me to the side.

“W-where is he?”

“He’s waiting outside the door.” She whispered worriedly.

My eyes widened at what she told me. Her head turned to the open window and then back to me. She obviously knew what I had been attempting before she arrived.

“Go.” She nudged me towards the escape. “I’ll tell him you weren’t in here.”
“Thank you.” I smiled.

I caught hold of the window sill, pulling myself up. I glanced back to see her exit the toilet.

“What!” I heard a low voice shout on the other side of the door.


I sat with my legs hanging out the window. But just before I jumped down the short distance to the floor outside, the toilet door swung open. Harry’s dark eyes locked with mine. His angry gaze quickly changed into grin and I realized this was fun for him. A chase.
I ran as fast as I could along the promenade, the air cooler than when we had first arrived. My long hair blew out behind me. I quickly passed the entrance to the restaurant, hoping I could gain as much distance as possible. I glanced back to see Harry hot on my heels.


I refused to give up, I had to get away from him. My legs began to ache as I forced myself harder. The air I was drawing in, not being able to satisfy my need. I was gasping for breath as I rounded a corner, still on the path that ran alongside the water. I began to panic when I realized the path was quickly coming to an end. My head darted one way then the other, desperately searching for a way out. I skidded to a stop, turning round to find Harry slowing down. He smirked at me as he strolled closer, knowing I had nowhere left to run. I took a few steps back only to hit the railing. Both of our breathing was forced out in heavy puffs.

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