Chapter 10

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"You can come in, you know?" He smirked.

I inhaled deeply before stepping into the flat. Harry moved behind me as he helped take my jacket off. His head rested on my shoulder for a second, plump lips kissing my neck. I shivered at the sensation, hot breath touching my skin before he withdrew.

He hung up the clothing; I turned towards him as he moved forward, a dimpled smile gracing his face. I stepped back increasing the distance between us.

"I.." My mouth found it difficult to form the words.

Harry waited for me to speak again, tilting his head slightly to the side as he stared at me.

"Thank you...Harry." I spoke quietly.

He knew exactly what I was talking about. My head fell down, my shoes becoming very interesting. My breath hitched in my throat as I felt him move closer. He leaned down, curly hair tickling my cheek as he brought his full lips to my ear.

"I'd do it again." His raspy tone whispered.

My smaller hand gripped his fingers, my thumb gently touching over the knuckles. It surprised me when he pulled away from my hold, brushing past me down the hall. The sound of running water filled the silence and I was left to find him on my own. Harry's flat was tidy. I poked my head in what I assumed to be the living room doorway. It looked normal, sofas, coffee table, TV. I didn't really know what I was expecting, something scary I guess, but it wasn't.


"Mmm." His deep voice hummed.

I entered the kitchen, my eyes falling on Harry's back as he ran his hand under the cool water. His head twisted watching me as I stood in the doorway. I nervously fiddled with my fingers as he turned back. The taut muscles in his arms became prominent as he twisted the tap, shutting the water off. He grabbed a cloth from the side and placed it over the injured hand, drying off the moisture.

Harry leant against the counter, his green eyes falling on me as he held a smirk. His head flicked to the side, signalling me to come forward.

"Come here."

I slowly walked over to his side of the kitchen, crossing my arms over my chest. I stopped a few metres away from him.

"Do you live with anyone else?"


My heart sunk a little at his response. I was kind of hoping that there would be someone to help me if anything happened. He curiously watched me before speaking.

"You can take my bed."

My heart thumped at his words. I didn't want to stay in his bedroom.

", it's fine, I'll sleep on the sofa." I stuttered.

I flinched as Harry swiftly strode towards me. His height towered over me as I peered up. Curly hair fell down over his eyes before he pushed it back.

"Don't be difficult and just take the bed." He spoke somewhat harshly.


His forehead creased in a frown, dark eyes narrowing at me. Maybe he wasn't used to people disobeying his demands. I bravely stood my ground; that was until my feet were swept up from it. One of Harry's strong arms went under my legs the other supported my back as he brought me up to his chest.

"Put me down!"

He ignored me like he had previously when picking me up in the car park. His fingertips pressed into me as his hold tightened. Harry carried me bridal style out of the kitchen and further down the hall. I jumped into him as his foot kicked the door open. It was pitch black inside the room, my arms instantly wrapped round his neck. I was never very good with the dark, but Harry seemed unfazed by the lack of light. He manoeuvred round the room easily.

I gasped when he placed me down on something soft. My hands felt around me and I realised I was sat on his bed. I jumped up as a small light was flicked on by the bedside table. The lamp only provided a dim glow, but Harry's eyes still seemed to sparkle. My feet were frozen to the spot as I watched him walk round to the drawers, yanking out clothes and holding them out for me to take.

"Wear these."

I hesitantly took the t shirt and shorts from his hand, moving away from him slightly. Harry didn't speak, he just left the room and shut the door. My eyes wandered round the space. I sat down on the large double bed, a deep sigh falling from my lips. There were a few photographs round the room, a guitar sat over in the corner. I kicked my shoes off and wiggled out of my jeans, swiftly pulling the shorts up my legs as I stood. My top was peeled from my torso. I had just tugged the t shirt over my head when the door opened again. Harry's green orbs travelled up and down my body, a smirk forming on his lips as he leant against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Mmm, you look good in my clothes."

I shied away from his comment, bending down to pick up my items, only to drop them again seconds later. Harry hummed into my ear, his arms snaking round my waist. His head nudged mine to the side, gently kissing the exposed skin of my neck. My back was pressed firmly to his chest.

I couldn't move as his arm tightened round my waist. His free hand sliding over the top of his t shirt I was wearing. His fingers trailed up and I could hear his heavy breathing in my ear. I whimpered when he touched over the curve of my breast. His large hand then cupped it, squeezing gently. My head fell back onto his shoulder with the new sensation, my eyes tightly closed.

I had never felt anything like it before, tingles shooting through my body. That was before the haze in my mind cleared. I struggled in Harry's grip, he deeply laughed as he released me. I stumbled over to the door, gripping the handle and yanking it open.

"Bo." Harry warned.

He was right behind me. His large hand slammed against the door above my head, swiftly closing it before I could escape. My heart pumped loudly as I turned, my back pressing against the wood. I looked up to find Harry staring down at me. My breathing trembled as he slowly brought his pink lips down to my ear.

"I want to make you feel good." Harry's raspy tone whispered.

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