Chapter 41

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Harry's fingers slipped from mine as he retrieved his phone from the coffee table. I admired the side profile of his face, lips slightly pouting as he concentrated on the text that had just buzzed in arrival. A small smile graced his mouth before he turned to me.
"Do you remember, Sean?" Harry asked.
"Yeah, your arty friend."
Harry laughed at my description.
"Well, he's gone away for a bit and he asked if I could just check on his studio to make sure everything's alright. Do you wanna come with?"
I nodded, smiling.
"Now?" My eyebrows raised.
"Let me get my shoes."
I withdrew my legs from Harry's lap and climbed off of the sofa. When I returned ready to go, he had switched off the TV and put his converse on.
"Come on."
The car pulled up to curb before Harry shut the ignition off. His dimples were displayed, exiting the vehicle and jogging around to my side. My body slipped down, feet making contact with the pavement. I was free to scan the environment as Harry made sure the car was locked. I'd never been to this part of town before. Even in the dark it managed to emit a creative vibe about it. You'd be sure to find individuals hunched over note books as they transferred their imagination from their mind to paper, sitting in small cafes. There was a mix of modern and traditional architecture lining the road, tall trees along the path.
I spun to find Harry stretching his arm out to me. My fingers clasped his as he encouraged me to walk by the side of him.
"Where's Sean's studio?"
"It's down here."
I was guided down a small brick path in between two buildings, my free hand brushing the left wall that displayed splashes of colour. We stopped in front of a metal door, Harry pulling keys from his back pocket. I patiently waited as the entrance was unlocked, my body staying in close proximity to Harry, having yet to find the light switch.
When the area was engulfed in brightness, I was a little surprised to just find a staircase.
"Go on up, I'll be there in a second."
With Harry's instructions I ascended the stairs, my eyes widening as I reached the top. The space was far reaching, the walls plain white, with a wide, floor to ceiling window to the front of the building. Sean's art projects were scattered around the sides containing different work stations for models, paintings, drawing.
"What do you think?"
Harry's warmth could be felt behind me before he snaked an arm to hold my waist.
"It's amazing." I replied, stunned.
He breathily laughed against my neck, leaving a kiss to my cheek before leaving me to wander around. I found myself in front of a striking image of a woman, the paint brush having caught the features of her pretty face with dark colours. It made me wonder if she was a friend of Sean's or an image he had created from memory. My thoughts drifted to Harry. I neither had the skill or the patience to paint anything. But if I did, it would be him. I'm sure the studio would be vastly stocked but I seriously doubted there was the exact colour to match his heart shaped lips. The blushing pink adorning his mouth was one of my favourite shades, that and the stunning green of his eyes.
The space in the middle of the vast room was completely empty which I thought a little strange. I glanced down upon hearing something crinkle beneath my foot, soon discovering a huge paper canvas spread across the studio floor. When I turned to bring this to Harry's attention he was busy reading a note taped to the window.
"Harry?" I called out.
My voice echoed throughout the creative space, my feet carrying me over to investigate what was holding his attention.
"What is it?" I questioned.
He shook his head, lightly laughing.
"Sean wants to use us for a project."
"What sort of project? Is it something to do with the paper on the floor?"
Harry nodded, placing the note to the side. I watched as he made his way over to a number of paint cans stacked on top of each other, the dried drips of colour allowing you to see what the container held.
"He wants the paper to be a massive canvas; he said to use our bodies, hands, feet...boobs."
The slight quirk to Harry's lips told me he was playing as he glanced down to my chest.
"He did not say that." I deadpanned.
"No, but I don't mind if you get them out." Harry winked. "Might make it more fun."
I batted his arm, Harry's raspy laugh echoing as he set out some paint trays to pour the colours into.
"Sean says there's a camera somewhere too, he wants us to take pictures."
I retrieved the camera from a cupboard over in the back, placing it onto the table before I helped with setting things up, progressing to have a number of different shades to work with. The cans were placed back to their previous position before Harry removed his shoes and socks. I followed suit, rolling up the bottoms of my jeans.
"Let's paint, Baby." Harry grinned.
He stepped into the tray of deep blue paint. I did the same, opting for a green.
"It's cold." I squeaked, Harry laughing.
My eyes watched as my curly-haired guy walked out over the massive canvas spread in the vast art studio. His feet leaving a trail of navy footprints after him. He turned, intently looking at the pattern created before smiling at me. I carefully stepped out of my paint, eyes locked with Harry's. My nose crinkled in amusement as he lifted his right hand, fingers playfully calling me forward. I accepted his challenge as I ran as fast as I could towards him. My feet leaving my own trail of green, slightly smudged prints with my speed. Harry was humorously laughing as he caught me, my body jumping up, strong arms cupping under my thighs.
We peered down as Harry spun us round.
"It's like you've disappeared." He curiously stated.
He was right, my footprints leaving the canvas as Harry carried me over to some different colours. I slid down his body, bending and placing his hands in the black paint. The smirk displayed on his face put me a little on edge as Harry returned to his towering height.
"No, no, no." I pleaded.
But it was too late. With a flick of his long fingers my top was splattered with dark splodges. Mouth agape, a peered down at the mess Harry had created on my clothing.
"Oops, I think you're going to have to take it off."
The smug look on his face quickly disappeared as I strolled towards him, yellow covering my palms before I pressed them flat to his chest. The colour contrasting to the white of his t shirt. I had just enough time to step into the orange before making my escape across our slow development of art. My hasty departure was documented, Harry's feet leaving a trail behind him as he ran to catch up.
I turned upon reaching the corner of the paper, stepping towards Harry. My giggle escaped as he offered me a blackened hand, my fingers slipping into his. I was effortlessly tugged towards him, body bumping into his before my arm was raised above my head for Harry to twirl me round. I felt as though I should have been wearing a pretty dress, our movements appropriate for a couple dancing.
I caught Harry's eye, mouth ends curling up as I grabbed his forearm. The yellow paint from my palm smeared onto his skin as I rose up on my toes to press a kiss to his cheek. My fingers tugged lightly at the hem to his t shirt.
"Take it off." I whispered.
A rumble vibrated through Harry's chest as he laughed.
"Only if you take yours off." He teased.
I shyly nodded, watching on as the white material was slowly removed from Harry's long torso. My head tilted to the side in appreciation, my gaze admiring the way his muscles tensed, the fabric seductively peeling off. I had no control, my body gravitating towards his warmth, Harry's frame towering over me. A breath was released from his parted lips as I swiped my thumb over his hardened nipple.
"Your turn." He spoke.
My body retreated as Harry reached for me, the soles of our feet recording our movement. His expression was humoured as he attempted a second time, my reflexes not quite quick enough to evade Harry's touch. Teasing bites were left to my neck as he playfully growled. My palms pressed to his strong chest, shrieking in laughter as we tumbled to the floor. I sat up astride his waist before gasping in surprise, Harry rolling us over. I ached to run my fingers through his soft curls but was unable to, my wrists becoming trapped above my head in Harry's vast palms.
"You're not getting away that easy." He seductively whispered.
Not an hour had passed and our canvas was showered in prints in a range of different colours and sizes. Kisses were touches were shared, my t shirt suffering the same fate as Harry's, left abandoned to the side. His colourful skin was warm against my own, our playful wrestling often ended with my body trapped beneath his. However, I was able to on one occasion, pin him down and streak black horizontal lines across his cheeks. I joked, telling him he reminded me of an American football player, to which he laughed and tickled at my sides.
I removed myself, shimming out of Harry's touch and walking over to the table which held the camera. My hands were wiped on my ruined jeans, trying to rid myself of paint before picking it up and wandering back over the floor canvas. The device was simple and modern which I was thankful for, technology not being one of my strongest skills.
Harry was grinning up at me as he sprawled out on his back, splashes of colour flicked across his tanned skin. Smudges of paint adorned his torso, many of them inflicted by myself, the patterns trickling down his muscled arms. Adorable dimples popped as I aimed the shot and pressed the button down.
"Bo, come here."
I was encouraged back down to the floor, Harry's fingers grasping the camera and pointing at me. I giggled, covering my eyes with my hand before he removed the obstruction. Full lips pressed to my cheek before the flash lit up, illuminating our playful gestures. By the time we were done, the camera's memory contained any number of photos, some documenting cheeky, stolen kisses, others captured individual, paint-covered shots. I blushed at a few of the images, but Harry refused to let me delete them.
Harry was once more laid spread out on his back across the vast expanse of our colourful canvas. I climbed on top of him, knees either side of his waist. My fingers dipped into the red paint, witnessing his lashes flutter, eyes closing as I made contact with his bare skin. He released a deep sigh allowing me use his body as I pleased, completely at my mercy.
Fingertips drew the shape high, in the middle of his chest before using more rosy paint to fill it in. Once I had finished I drew back admiring my work. The heart made me smile and as Harry realised what I had drawn a grin commandeered his stunning features. Curly hair laid messily over his head.
"Shouldn't it be over this side?" His fingers touched over the left side of his chest.
I shook my head smiling, lightly guiding him away.
"You heart is in the middle of your chest, it's just the left side is bigger."
He gripped my hands, tugging me down to him, our noses touching as he rubbed mine to his to have me giggling.
"I guess you're the left half of my heart then." Harry whispered.
Mine fluttered within my chest, my mouth desperately pressing a forceful kiss to the soft pink of his lips. My waves which contained splashes of colour, curtained around us, concealing the increasingly passionate action. A small giggle released in a breath between us as Harry's fingers traced the shape of my bare side. My head turned away slightly, breaking our contact before he grunted in annoyance, cupping my chin and continuing the heated movement of seductive lips.
"Bo." Harry questioned.
I pecked his pink mouth one last time. Harry's eyebrows drew together in a frown as he intently watched me shuffle down the length of his body. I pressed a kiss to the small trail of hair that disappeared into the boxers that were visible above his jeans. My nose ran along the band of his underwear as my fingers fumbled with his belt. I pried it open, popping the button. Harry didn't seem to care about the paint that was currently staining his clothes, my hands wiping the last remnants of colour from my touch on his jeans before tugging them open. With his help I was able to pull them down a little. I had a feeling my curly-haired lover knew exactly what I was doing, giving me a small smile to reassure my nervous gaze.
I gently caught hold of the band to his boxers, stretching it away from his warm skin before cautiously slipping my colour free fingers in. I watched his full lips part, hooded eyes locked on mine. My touch gently curled around his penis, releasing it from the tight fabric confines. The green of Harry's pretty eyes was hidden from my view, body tensing. His underwear bunched up underneath before I hooked the elastic on his smooth hips, shimming them down a little further.
A small gasp escaped my lips as I witnessed the twitch of increasingly hard length resting on Harry's naked, toned stomach muscles. My fingertips carefully traced up and down, coaxing soft sounds from the heart shape of Harry's pink lips as he allowed me to express my curiosity. I watched in awe as blood rushed to his crotch, twitching again as I lightly teased the base with the tip of my warm tongue. The length becoming thicker, harder, heavier. My thumb slowly brushed over the head, Harry's hips shifting.
My mind quickly drew back to my limited knowledge of what Harry desired, how he liked to be touched. I cupped his balls in my palm, squeezing gentling as I went in search of the sensitive spot I recalled from last time. Seconds later, a throaty groan was released above me. It brought a smile to my lips, carefully digging my fingers into the area again. My other hand was occupied in providing light touches to the pink head of Harry's throbbing erection. I had never seen him so restless, unable to string together a coherent sentence. His hands were curled up in tight fists by his sides. It startled me as Harry's rough, laboured voice rang around the empty studio.
"Don't tease me." He harshly spoke.
If he'd have spoken to me that way when we had first met I would have been petrified, his tone threatening. But gazing at him now, sprawled out and at my mercy; the sight brought a smile to my lips. I was in control. I liked it.
He was desperate. Raising his hips slightly. I let go of him, my palms pressing to his v lines and forcefully pushing him back down to the floor. Harry looked angry, his jaw tensing in frustration as I denied him. He shifted under me, my touch catching his wrist before he could take matters in his own hands. A spark of excitement rushed through me at the thought of witnessing Harry pleasure himself. I couldn't deny that there was a small part of me that desired to leave him to it, watch as he coaxed at his own messy orgasm. But I wouldn't let him.
"Behave." I scolded.
He brought his weight onto his elbows, propping himself up. Harry's eyes grew darker, swimming in seductive lust as he tilted his head to the side and shamelessly grazed my entire body with his penetrating vision. The small smirk spreading on his mouth displayed his sudden mood change, biting at his lower lip before licking around with his tongue. Harry's chest was harshly rising and falling as he remained quiet.
"Good boy."
My praise made him grin. He knew I was using his words against him. My knees were placed either side of his left leg as I lowered down for my head to become level with his hips. I positioned my palms either side on the soft skin of his cutting v lines, watching the muscles tense as I puffed out warm air onto the area I had exposed. My eyes took one last anxious glance up to Harry who was impatiently waiting before swiping a bold stripe up the length of his erection with my tongue.
I gave Harry no time to accommodate, taking him into my mouth, hollowing my cheeks and sucking. Harry's strangled cry was accompanied by breathy pants. A shaky hand travelled down to brush my hair to one side, allowing him to witness the pink of my lips stretched around him. Hips involuntarily bucked, stimulated by the image. I accepted the curse word that slipped from his mouth as an apology, his clammy hand touching over mine that rested on his hip. Harry entwined our fingers, squeezing every now and then, giving me the confidence to continue. But I felt his thigh tense beneath me as I guided his touch to my hair, allowing him to tangle his fingers between my waves. He seemed a little apprehensive, my eyes locking with his.
"It's alright." I spoke quietly.
I wanted to show he need not be so delicate with me all the time. But I was appreciative of the fact Harry knew not to be too rough following our previous discussion not too long ago. His length withdrew completely from the warmth of my mouth, my tongue licking multiple times over the pink of his head. It caught me off guard when his deep, strained chuckle rang out.
"It's not a lolly."
My giggle followed, cutting his amusement short as I engulfed him once again. The palm of my left hand pressed to his lower abdomen, muscles clenching becoming taut. His hand gently pushed me further down, Harry's taste overwhelming my senses. The erotic nature of our positions was beginning to heat my core. My lips popped Harry from my mouth, his whimper echoing as I ground my crotch down onto his thigh. I think he was a little surprised, groaning in encouragement as I used Harry's body for my own pleasure, relieving my pent up frustrations. His tip entered the wet warmth he desperately craved, struggling to breathe as he lifted his thigh a little higher, displaying his desire for me to continue the actions of my hips.
Harry dropped flat to his back, swearing in pants. I winced as fingers tightened in my hair, a result of my attempt to take him a little deeper. I responded by raking my nails across his stomach, sure to leave a few raised red stripes. A pained moan vibrated as Harry desperately tugged at my hair, forcing me to draw back.
"Bo, I'm gunna come." Harry throatily spoke.
His tone was hard and laboured, my small hand replacing my mouth as I pumped his throbbing length. My left hand encouraged Harry to release my hair entwined in his long fingers, knowing he would try and prevent me from what I desired to experience. Once free, my mouth engulfed him. I brushed his hand away as he attempted to stop me. I wanted to taste Harry properly, and by the astonishment erupting through the darkness in his eyes, it was clear he realised my intention.
A large hand desperately travelled down to hold mine as his hips rose involuntarily. My eyes squeezed closed, Harry breathily calling my name as he released his orgasm in hot spurts into my mouth. I struggled to swallow, allowing Harry to ride out his peak, warmth trickling down my throat. It tasted how I remembered, salty like the first time I'd taken droplets from the tips of Harry's fingers onto my tongue. He slipped from my mouth, the length resting back on his stomach as I rubbed small circles into the underside of the head. The slow ooze signified he was spent; dripping onto his tight abdominal muscles as Harry chest harshly rose and fell.
I ignored Harry's plea. My tongue flicked out to lick up the remnants of white substance on his stomach, attempting to clean him up. He desperately grabbed my hand using it as leverage to pull slightly and catch hold of my forearm. I was effortlessly tugged up Harry's body. He lightly laughed, shaking his head. The pad of his thumb brushed the corner of my mouth, collecting some of Harry's warm release. I willingly took it past my lips, sucking. He stared at me almost in awe.
"Oh my god." He expressed quietly.
"You liked it?"
"I think that's an understatement."
He smiled, tongue collecting the remaining droplets from the pink of my lips before sharing a passionate kiss. My fingers brushed back a few damp curls from his forehead, teasing out the dried paint. Harry's soft touch traced down my spine, my body weight resting on top of him until he grasped my hips, rolling me off. The paint from his fingers was wiped on the fabric of his t shirt. I watched on to his side, cheeks blushing as Harry readjusted, pulling the front of his boxers up to cover his exposed expanse. A giggle escaped as Harry wiggled his hips, lifting his backside slightly up from the floor to tug up his tight jeans. Long fingers found the zip, buttoning up and pulling his belt closed.
Part of me didn't really want him to cover up. Harry's naked body was beautiful, tanned and muscled. I had never seen anything quite as stunning as the angel like figure who I had whimpering in pleasure beneath me a few minutes prior.
"That was fun." I whispered.
His raspy laugh made me smile, body rolling to hover over me slightly. Harry's touch ran up my forearm, amusement dropping a little.
"Are you cold?"
I had forgotten where we were for a few minutes, the vast studio wasn't exactly warm and we were both topless with the exception of my bra.
"I'm fine."
The small crease between his eyebrows informed me Harry wasn't convinced, getting to his feet before holding large hand out. I accepted the gesture as he tugged me to stand gazing up at him. A smile was pressed to my cheek in a sweet kiss.
"Let's get tidied up."
I stared at our canvas, taking notice of how Harry's prints were more expansive than mine. The shapes dwarfing my own as we had placed our palms together. My eyes followed a path of painted footprints, one of my failed escape attempts that ended with Harry lifting me over his shoulder.
My body sharply turned upon hearing the door to the studio slam closed. I couldn't seem to cease the thumping of my heart, the sound transporting me back to earlier in the day and the frightening figure who had somehow discovered where I worked. My body stumbled back, wrapping my arms around my exposed skin. I would stand absolutely no chance against him. Despite Harry's victory in the ring, the intimidating man had left my boyfriend battered and bruised. The image of his horrible face smirking at me filled the swirling mess in my head. Fear engulfed my entirety as a male frame ascended the stairs.
My heart was still pounded as Harry approached me, clothes in his arms.
"You look like you've seen a ghost."
"I-I'm fine."
I felt silly for assuming it was someone else, of course it was Harry. He had left minutes before to attempt to find some clean clothes in his car. It was the result of a disagreement, Harry not comfortable with the idea of a possible colour change to the interior upholstery of his vehicle if we remained in our current attire.
The paint splattered t shirt Harry wore was hauled over his head. I couldn't help but laugh, my mood instantly lightening as I noticed the black stripes on his cheeks still present. His amused gaze turned to me as his jeans were shoved down.
"Come on, strip off."
His playful tone was clear as joggers were pulled up to his hips, partly covering the palm prints I had left to his skin. I wiggled, tugging my jeans off, stumbling slightly before regaining my balance. Harry was already dressed as I peered at him. I bent down to search for something clean to put on. My fingers caught hold of a pair of my shorts I had left around Harry's. I shimmied them up my legs as Harry hunted for a hoody for me to wear. My fingers curiously picked up a dark navy hat hidden between the clothes.
"Uh, uh, that's mine." Harry spoke playfully.
The snapback was taken from my fingers. I intently watched as Harry's messy ringlets were swept away from his forehead, the brim of the hat to the back of his head. I hadn't thought it possible for him to look any more attractive, but Harry had a habit of proving me wrong.
"You look hot." I blurted out.
He laughed at my sudden compliment, my cheeks tingling with pink. A small kiss was pecked to my nose.
"Thanks, Baby. You don't look too bad yourself." Harry winked, eyes teasingly trailing over my body.
In that moment it dawned on me, I was still currently without a top. My vision strayed to the floor, until a grey hoody was held up for me.
"Here." He spoke.
I was aided in dressing my top half, the loose material pulled around my body. Long fingers tackled the zip before it was tugged up. I rolled my eyes as Harry seemed to change his mind, cheekily exposing more of my chest to his sparkling eyes. My hand swatted his away as he chuckled, I readjusted, closing the zip up right to the top. I inhaled the familiar smell of Harry that lingered on the clothing, feeling safe and warm. Harry's hoody was far too big, my fingers rolled up the sleeves, believing I must have appeared smaller than usual as the hem fell to mid-thigh.
"It's raining." He commented.
I stood as he lifted the hood up, my messy hair falling out and over my shoulders. Green eyes scanned my face as I shyly smiled. Harry reached forward, thumb gently brushing my cheek.
"You're so cute."
"So are you." I poked his left dimple.
I could hear him laughing, bending down and retrieving the paint stained clothes. His converse were already on before I had a chance to pull on my DMs. But I was a little surprised when Harry took them from my grasp. His raspy voice sounded as I peered at him confused.
"I need you to carry these." He handed me the clothes, my arms holding the pile to my chest. "Then I'll carry you."
Harry's keys were placed in the pocket of the hoody I was wearing before hoisting me up and carrying me bridal style over to the stairs. There was no need for me to hold our clothes, the fabrics resting on my stomach as I wrapped an arm around his neck. Harry's strength always astounded me; he didn't seem to struggle with anything. A fact that I was acutely aware of every time he spontaneously picked me up.
Once we had negotiated the stairs, Harry walked us over to the light switch, my fingers reaching out and turning it off. My palm pressed to the metal door, my arm not retaining the forceful push it needed. I withdrew my touch as Harry gave me a light squeeze, kicking the barrier open with his foot. My eyes widened as he knowingly grinned at me.
Large spot of rain showered down on us, chilling my uncovered expanse of leg. I was thankful for Harry's body heat and the hood of his clothing. My fingers fumbled for the keys that had been strategically placed in my pocket, mumbling in annoyance at the seemingly uncompromising door, which refused to fully close.
"Baby, I'm getting a bit wet here, could we hurry this along?" Harry suggested.
I knew the spots of water would be soaking through his thin t shirt. My mind hopelessly wandered off with the image of Harry dripping wet and shirtless; soon shaking the sinful picture from my head as I gripped his nape a little tighter.
"Hang on." I spoke, leaning forward away from his comfort.
Curses slipped from my mouth as I failed to push the heavy door back into place.
I jumped as Harry's right knee came into contact with the door, resolving the stiffness that wouldn't allow me to lock it. My grip had tightened around the back of his neck in surprise.
"Oh, thanks." I stuttered.
"No problem."
The sound of the lock bolting across signalled the art studio was secure; Harry then taking us down the narrow path to the pavement running alongside the main road. I observed him, beautiful face dotted with water droplets. Dimples indented as I joined up the spots of rain on his cheeks with the tip of my index.
Minutes later we were stood to the side of Harry's large vehicle. My fingers once again fiddled with the keys I was temporarily in charge of, unlocking the car with a click of a button. The passenger door was opened, my body carefully placed onto the front seat as I organised the paint splashed clothes. Harry received my thanks, placing my DMs on the floor in the foot well.
As he took up the place beside me in the front of the car my smile appeared again. The black streaks I had brandished Harry's cheekbones with were smudged with rain drops. I couldn't help but admire how even when he was messy and wet, Harry was still the most breath taking male I had ever laid eyes on. Everything about him was captivating, stunning eyes, full pouted lips and the endearing habit he had of slipping his tongue out and wetting them. But it wasn't all about his appealing physical aesthetics, something many women had hardly looked passed. It was the darkness within him and how quickly it could transform into the playful, caring side that I loved. There was still something unpredictable about the male who was currently kissing at the back of my hand. But I was willing to accept that to keep Harry in my life.
"I think we should get some body paint." Harry interrupted my thoughts. Long fingers playing with the zip of the hoody adorning my torso, tugging at it slightly to reveal a little more warm flesh. "Maybe the chocolate flavour...then I could lick it off your naked body." His voice lowering considerably.
"Harry." I blushed, swatting his arm.

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