Chapter 32

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We talked through the shower curtain, as I took a seat on the closed toilet lid. I couldn’t help smiling to myself, playing back the events that had happened a short time ago in my room. The feel of Bo’s lips was something indescribable. Her first time had been a little clumsy which was to be expected, but that made her even more adorable.


“Mm.” My head turned to the curtain pulled across the bath.

There was silence for a few seconds. The only sound was that of the running water.

“You alright?” I asked, rising from my seat.

“W-Who do you talk to on the phone?” Bo timidly asked.

Her bravery now only becoming apparent with the flimsy barrier between us, unable to ask me face to face. I sincerely hoped it wasn’t because I frightened her. But I had a feeling that was exactly the reason. Maybe Bo didn’t realise just how easy it would be for me to rip the curtain back.

“Are you done?” I asked, delaying my answer to her question.

“Oh, um, yeah.” She stuttered.

The water was turned off as I reached for the large towel on the rail. Her fingers gripped the material shielding her naked body from me as she peered round the shower curtain. Long, dark hair flowing over her shoulder. I raised the towel up, ready to wrap her.

“Close your eyes.” She mumbled.

“Bo, I’ve seen you naked before. Just get out.” I teased.

“No, close your eyes.”

I laughed before complying to Bo’s request. Once I heard her climb from the bath my arms wrapped round her small body. Opening my eyes to see her staring her at me as the towel engulfed her. My hands rubbed her arms through the fluffy material, attempting to get her dry. I watched her move away and over to the door, struggling to readjust the towel, securing it under her arms.

I couldn’t help the grin spread on my face as I observed her rummage in one of my drawers before quickly tugging out a pair of black boxers. She peered at me for a second, trying to hide behind the open wardrobe door as she tugged the underwear up her legs. When she reappeared the towel was clasped in her small hand. A t shirt of mine had obviously been found in the wardrobe, the hem falling to her mid-thigh. She looked beautiful. I had never allowed any other girl to wear my clothes but with Bo it was different. She was mine. I enjoyed watching her walk round the bedroom in my baggy top.

Bo could sense my orbs trailing over her body. Blue eyes discovering my lustful ones. I moved closer to her, taking her smaller hands in mine as she peered up at me. My lips pressed a kiss to her blushing cheek as I walked her backwards towards the bed, where I pinned her to the mattress. Bo’s musical laughter filled the room as I playfully growled, nibbling at her neck. It was when our clothed chests pressed together that I became aware of her lack of bra. I grinned down at her, my hand slowly nudging up the top she had recently put on. Her eyes became wide when she realised what I was doing.

“No.” She anxiously spoke.

Her small hands hastily travelled up to grip the fabric, not wanting it to be pushed up any higher. Bo’s urgent actions left me confused. I dipped my head, nose nudging at the hand that still tightly clasped the crinkled shirt. When she didn’t move I pressed a light kiss to her skin.

“Why?” I frowned.

I had seen her completely bare everywhere else. My fingertips softly traced over her stomach. But I didn’t receive a verbal answer, just a shake of the head.

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