Chapter 27

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I had waited up for a couple of hours for my mum to return home. But when it got to eleven I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. My grey tabby was keeping me company as I lazily stroked over his soft fur. Doug stretched out over my stomach, his gentle purring relaxing, my fingers scratching him behind the ears.
I reluctantly rose from bed, quickly brushing my teeth and hair before climbing back into the duvet.
"Let's go to bed, Doug." I whispered.
He seemed to be in agreement, settling down beside me and falling asleep. My fingers switching off the bedside light. I had closed my eyes for what felt like a couple of seconds when my phone buzzed. A groan released from my lips before I patted the surface to my right. The screen was bright, my eyes squinting as I held the phone above my face.
From: Lucy
"Fancy a catch up tomorrow? X"
I smiled before replying, deciding we should meet up at the local coffee shop. I wasn't too keen on hot drinks but they made a mean fruit smoothie. Charlotte and Zoe would be joining us and I realised how much I had missed my friends. A lot had happened since I had last spoken to them. I'd been so wrapped up in Harry that I hadn't even told them I was now his girlfriend. I had a feeling they would be curious about our situation. We had become very close. They knew nothing of the painful events of Harry's past. But that was something I would keep between Harry and myself. They didn't need to know about his dad or what he had done. Harry trusted me.
It was almost as if Harry knew my mind had been commandeered by thoughts of him. I smiled reading the text that had just come through on my phone.
From: Harry
"Goodnight, Beautiful. X"
His simple words made me smile. And that night my dreams were solely of a breath-taking curly haired, boy.
I rolled over groaning as a hand caught hold of my shoulder, gently shaking me to wake.
An amused laugh sounded. It took me a few seconds to recognise the happy noise before I jolted up, squeezing my mum in a tight hug.
"Mum." I smiled. "I missed you so much."
She kissed the top of my head as I held her. For the next hour my mum sat on my bed as we talked. Our grey tabby curled up in her lap as she gently stroked him. The ill relative she had visited was making a gradual recovery in hospital. She believed they would be fully recovered within the next week or so. Well, that was her own medical opinion. Her time away meant my mum would have to take some night shifts at the local hospital where she worked as a nurse. So even though she was now home her body clock would have her sleeping during the day to accommodate her work in the evening. I was disappointed but there wasn't much I could do about it.
I twirled my straw in the fruity drink as I listened to the other girls talk. My mind on other things. When I looked up, Charlotte's head was tilted, eyes inquisitively trained on my face. I gave her a questioning look before she spoke.
"How far have you gone with Harry?"
My eyes widened in surprise as I coughed awkwardly. I darted my vision round to the other tables in the coffee shop, desperately hoping no-one was eavesdropping on our now very personal conversation. My cheeks flushing a deep shade of red.
"You don't have to answer, I'm just curious." She continued.
By this time the other girls were now intently waiting for my reply. Lucy's straw was held in her mouth as she noisily sucked up her drink. The off-putting sound distracting me for a second.
"Umm." I glanced at their faces.
I wasn't quite sure on how to phrase it. The subject hadn't really been approached before. I shifted from my slouched position and sat up straight. My eyes once again scanning the surrounding tables.
"He..H-Harry..we had dry sex." I stuttered.
I started to feel uncomfortable as I noticed a woman behind Zoe shake her head tutting. She got to her feet, taking her papers with her and exited the coffee shop. My embarrassed gaze focused back on my friends. Lucy's mouth formed an "o" shape before she shook her head in confusion and waited for me to clarify.
"There was a sheet between us...You sort of go through the motions of sex but without penetration." I explained.
"So you were both naked with a sheet between you?" Zoe asked.
I was still blushing, but their openness to the conversation was something I felt needed applauding. Not only were we talking about the subject like it was completely innocent, but we were holding our discussion in a public place.
"No, no. We had underwear on." I gushed. My head dipped slightly, avoiding their eye contact. "But Harry took his boxers off." I concluded quietly.
I heard a giggle, immediately knowing it was Lucy.
"So he dry humped you?" Charlotte asked. "With a sheet."
I screwed my face up in disgust.
"It was more romantic than that." I protested. "Ugh, I hate that term. It makes us sound like immature, hormonal teenagers. I prefer to call it non-penetrative sex."
"But you are hormonal teenagers." Lucy giggled.
"Harry's twenty." I quietly commented.
"Hmm, I thought he was our age."
Shrugging commenced round the group before their attention was back on me.
"What else have you done?" Zoe continued the interrogation.
I knew they were just being inquisitive. I was the first one out of our little group to experience being with a guy sexually. It was only natural that they asked questions but I felt a little out of my depth to be honest. I wasn't quite sure on how to explain things myself.
"He's, umm, pleasured me orally." I replied, cheeks furiously blushing.
"Oh my gosh." Charlotte commented. "What was it like?"
There was no way I was going into any sort of detail.
"I don't really have much of a basis for comparison. But it was pretty mind blowing." I admitted.
I couldn't help but shyly smile, thinking back to the time I spent together with Harry in his room.
"Have you done anything for him?"
The question stumped me. All I had to answer with was the one time I caused him to release into his boxers. But even then he was fully clothed. Well, nearly.
"Has he asked you about it?" Zoe questioned.
I shook my head. Not once had Harry encouraged me to perform anything orally on him. Maybe he didn't want to pressure me. But surely he wanted me to reciprocate. I had picked up the general gist of things, but my lack of experience left me at a complete disadvantage.
"Maybe you should have a go. I mean he's experienced, that way he can tell you how to do it and what he likes."
It seemed simple enough, but the thought of actually carrying out the act made me anxious. It seemed like it was always Harry that initiated anything sexual between us, always the dominant. How would I even approach the subject? I pondered over the idea for a second before remembering Harry wasn't exactly shy when it came to these sort of intimate topics. I was pretty sure he wouldn't mind me expressing my curiosity.
"But it's Harry." I blushed.
"All the more reason." Lucy laughed.
My mum had gone off to work, and I was alone once again. A number of books were strewn across my duvet as I deliberated over which one to start reading first. After my eye-opening catch up with my friends, I had spent the afternoon in the large book shop in town. Settling down into one of the comfortable chairs and picking out some interesting reads. I grabbed the smooth dark cover of one of the larger books, stacking up the other novels to the side of my bed. I was slowly adding to a rather large collection. My mum had always said I could start a library with the amount I read.
My mind became absorbed with the words on the page. So much so, I hadn't heard my door open. My body was laid out on my mattress, book intently held close to my face as I drank in the captivating story. The movement on my bed startled me slightly. But I knew exactly who it was. He deeply chuckled, running large, warm hands up my legs as he crawled closer to me. I still held my book up, trying to fight the smile spreading on my lips.
"Are you ignoring me?" His raspy voice sounded.
An index finger hooked the top of the book, slowly pulling it down. An unruly mop of dark curls appeared, followed by a pair of sparkling green eyes. Dimples indented into his cheeks as he humorously peered at me.
"How could I ignore you?" I teased.
Harry grinned.
"Hello, Beautiful."
Lips came down to mine, leaving a soft kiss to my mouth. But his expression transformed seconds later. His cheeky smile disappearing as he observed me.
"You know, you should really lock your front door." He frowned slightly.
"I-I didn't know it was open." I admitted quietly.
"Anyone could have just come in." Harry continued, a hint of annoyance in his voice.
"Clearly." I gestured to him as he held his position, hovering over my body.
I watched Harry's jaw tense at my reply, obviously not very happy with my lack of thought towards security.
"Just lock it next time, ok?"
There was a certain hardness to his tone. The stunning green of his eyes darkening a little. I felt like a child being scolded for being naughty. I think he could sense my nervousness towards him when he spoke. Harry's features softened. Elbows bending as he dropped lower into me, placing a kiss to my cheek.
"I just want you safe, Bo." He whispered quietly.
My eyes fluttered closed at his close proximity, allowing me to absorb his hypnotising smell. Curly hair tickling at my skin.
"I'll keep it locked." I told him quietly.
"Good girl." He smiled.
He rubbed his nose against mine before dipping his head to my neck. Harry's distracting kisses averted my attention away from his hands, which had slowly skimmed up under my top. I let out a shriek as his long fingers began to tickle at my sides. He laughed as I continued to giggle, my lungs gasping for breath. My hands gently pushed to his strong shoulders, allowing me to roll him off onto the mattress beside me.
He was grinning widely, displaying his dimples as I scrambled from the bed. Desperate to evade his playful touch. I picked up the book that had fallen to the floor during our teasing encounter. Harry observed me, tilting his head to the side as I found the previously lost page I had finished on. I placed the book on my bedside table.
"Do you want to go to the fair?" Harry asked abruptly.
"The funfair?" I replied.
I couldn't really imagine Harry at any event that had "fun" in the title. I wasn't implying he was a bore to be around, Harry was anything but. However, his often dark demeanour gave off the impression that he wouldn't really fit in to a place with bright lights, amusement rides and candy floss.
"I-I mean, we don't have to, but my.." he stopped for a second to rethink "Umm, well, I've been told apparently girls like that sort of thing."
I couldn't help but giggle as he fumbled over his words. It was very out of Harry's character, normally he was the one that had me stuttering. His verbal stumbling made me wonder if he had ever taken a girl out to on a date that didn't involve alcohol or clubs. The slight blush on his cheeks told me otherwise. He pouted, grabbing my hand and pulling me onto his lap. His face nuzzled into my neck.
"Stop laughing at me." He grumbled.
My fingers brushed back some of his dark curls as his face reappeared. I placed a small kiss to his cheek.
"I'd love to go to the funfair with you." I smiled.

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