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Close Calls

"Sky!" Raven yelled, running at me with a huge grin plastered onto her face, "I didn't think Mason would bring you," she lowered her voice, leaning in closer, "We think he's embarrassed of us."

"Leave her alone, you leech!" Mason said with a laugh, pulling me away from his sister who glared at him. 

"Hey Raven," I said with a smile, walking out from behind Mason whilst rolling my eyes, "You're brother is slightly insane."

"I knew this already," Raven said with a wink, grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the kitchen, "You have to meet Harry!" 

"Harry?" I mouthed to Mason as I was towed off.

"Her fiancé," he said with a laugh, waving as I disappeared behind a doorway. 

"This is Harry," Raven said with a smile, releasing my grip to stand at his side. He was a tall man with a hard set jew, bright blue eyes and jet black hair. "Harry, this is Sky- Mason is bringing her to the wedding!" She looked at him adoringly, his eyes lighting up when he looked at her. 

"It's wonderful to meet you," He said with a smile, a bit of an English accent coming through. 

"And you," I said with a smile, internally squealing at how cute they were together, "I'm really looking forward to your wedding, thank you for letting me come along!"

"It's a pleasure," he said with a nod towards the living room, "But you should thank Evelyn."

"Why?" I asked with a frown, Raven giggling behind her hand as she whispered into Harry's ear before he laughed.

"Forget I ever said anything," He said, shaking his head as Raven tugged on his arm. 

"It was lovely to see you Sky," Raven said dismissively, "but we actually have to go for a work conference that we're already late for!"

"It's not my fault you take so long to get ready!" Harry argued, shaking his head as Raven tugged him towards the door. 

I laughed, "Well it was nice to meet you!" I called to him as he disappeared from my sight. I contemplated going to say hi to Evelyn before she burst through the door into the kitchen, hurrying over to the stove. 

For a while I just watched her, unknown to Evelyn as she busied herself with a pot on the stove. It wasn't until she turned around that she saw me, jumping a foot in the air. "Sky, you scared me!" She accused, holding a hand over her heart as she took a few steps towards me, pulling me into a hug. 

"Hi Mrs Stevens," I said with a grin, "My face tends to do that to people, should've covered up!"

"Don't be ridiculous," She said with a frown, heading back over to stir the pot, "You're too pretty to say things like that- and please, call me Evelyn."

"Whats cooking?" I said, walking over to her side, "And can I help you with anything?"

"Well, you can help me by not dripping on my floor!" She said with a chuckle, gesturing to my sopping wet clothes and puddle on the floor. 

I blushed, "My bad, is there a towel or mop I could use...?" 

Evelyn shook her head, pushing me out the door lightly, "Just go find my sons and tell them food is almost done so they should come be sociable!" I nodded, walking towards the stairs, "And tell Evan to bring the triplets down please!" 

"Sure thing," I called, heading towards Evan's half open door. "Evan?"

"Yeah I heard her," Evan said with a sigh, exiting his room and shutting the door. 

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