"Love is infinite," I whispered, not quite comprehending what he meant.
"I've just found someone else," He swallowed, avoiding my eyes as my heart shattered to pieces.
Shaking my head, tears formed in my eyes as unbearable pains struck my chest again... and again. Until it felt like I could no longer breathe.
"How could you do this to me?"


Nobody likes a breakup, especially one of a relationship of three years. It's their final year at Ridgeway High when things start to happen unplanned.
Skylar Scott's life was going swiftly, everything falling the way she wanted it to go; her parents were getting along, her best friend got over being socially awkward and, best of all, she has an amazing boyfriend -or should I say had.
After Sam left her heartbroken- for more than one girl- in the middle of school, Skylar has to find a way to get revenge for all the lies he fed her. Her sights land on somebody unheard of and he falls into her little plan.
Sky's mission: Get revenge.

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