Dressed for Disaster

The last bell for the end of school rang and I still had not seen Mason or Evan. Cheer practice had been cancelled due to the rain, and I had spent the entire day worrying about him, my brain making up all different scenarios for what might've happened to him on the wet roads- none of the endings were good. Checking my phone for the millionth time today, my messages to both brothers remained unread and frustration set in.

Reversing my car from the school parking lot, I headed towards Mason's house in hopes that I would find him there unhurt. Eventually I arrived at his house and pulled into the driveway, thankful the rain had eased up slightly as I ran to his front door and knocked quickly. Relief set in as I saw his car parked in the driveway, that took away several terribly scenarios I had invented. 

Harry pulled open the door with a smile, "Sky, what are you doing here?"

"Is Mason here?" I asked quickly, looking around him into the house but not seeing much. 

"Didn't he tell you?" Harry asked curiously, shaking his head. "He decided to drive upstate last minute today, he's visiting an old friend from their old school with Evan." 

They must've taken Evan's car then, so not wanting to be the creepy girl stalking his soon to be brother in law, I said thank you and returned to my car. It still didn't explain why he wouldn't answer my texts. Clicking on his number, I placed the phone to my ear and listened to it ring many times before going to voice mail. 

"You're not serious," I grumbled, hanging up and going onto Evan's number. Pressing the number, I prayed he would answer as the phone rang twice before a familiar voice answered. 

"Hello?" Evan greeted,sounding worried,  "Sky? Whats wrong?"

"Whats wrong?" Relief cursed through my body, "I was worried about you and your brother after you didn't show at school! Why didn't you answer your texts?" 

"You sent me texts? I never saw any," I heard soft voices in the background, it sounded like a girl was talking to someone. 

"I sent you about twenty!" I accused.

"To be fair, I haven't been on my phone much. We're visiting an old friend!"

"So Harry told me when I drove to your house! Thanks for letting me know by the way, let your brother know that I appreciate the false note he left me."

"It's a complicated situation Sky, a last minute decision we made this morning on the way to school," Evan defended, sounding tense. 

"You could've let me know instead of letting me think you two were dead or something!" I grumbled, drumming my fingers on the steering wheel. 

"Sorry," Evan mumbled, "But we'll be back soon, tomorrow probably." I heard someone in the background, asking for the phone. 

"Sky?" Mason said, I could hear the smile in his deep, familiar voice, "I knew you would miss me!"

"You could've messaged, jerk," I sighed, slouching in my car seat as I remained parked in their driveway. 

"I left my phone at your house," Mason defended, "And it's not my fault Evan is terrible at using anything from this century!"

"Alright," I grumbled, attitude fading away to be replaced with guilt, "Who are you visiting?"

"Just a friend, and it's not a good time. Do you think we could speak about this tomorrow?" 

I sighed, "Sure, you going to be back in time for school?"

"Probably not, but I swear I'll come straight to you house and we can go shopping or something, alright?"

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