Well Shit. 

"Get out of my room Sam!" Mason said something before I could, rolling his eyes as Sam looked up from the traitor. He made eye contact with Mason for a long while, the girl he was kissing looking at me awkwardly, blushing furiously. Without another word, Sam grabbed the girls hand (a girl way older than himself) and left the room, glaring at Mason the whole time. 

My heart beat fast, my cheeks going red with anger as I saw him with a new girl. "I hate him," I said without thinking to Mason, glaring at Sam's back until he disappeared from my view. He made no remark as he straightened out his bedspread, clearing his throat as we left his room. 

He made no move to speak to me, going ice cold to his completely different mood from a few minutes ago. "Mason?" I asked as he shut the last door, placing the key in his jangling pocket. "What is your problem?"

"Don't worry about it," He grumbled, walking past me without meeting my eye as we rejoined the party downstairs. 

"Whatever," I rolled my eyes, escaping into the crowd away from his cold mood before it affected me. "I'm just here for a good time!" I told no one in particular, looking for the nearest exit from the throng of dancing bodies. I saw Evan among the people, standing at the edges, so I headed over to him quickly. 

"Hey!" I greeted, giving him a quick hug as he looked around me. 

"Where's Mason?" He asked curiously, looking out of place at sound a loud party, just standing around awkwardly. 

"Your brother just went completely cold on me for no apparent reason so I ditched him," I spotted a cooler a few feet away, dragging Evan over to it. "Want a drink?" I pulled out a cider, offering it to him. 

"I don't drink," He mumbled, eyes wide as some girl bumped into him drunkenly. He grabbed her shoulders to steady her, "Are you alright?" She shook her head, mumbling incoherent;y before going on her way. 

"You don't drink?" He nodded in reply to my question so I placed the cider back in the cooler. 

"Do you?" He watched as I pull out a light beverage, cracking it open easily. 

"Not normally, but tonight I have decided I want to have a good time!"

"So that requires getting drunk?" He raised an eyebrow at me , crossing his arms. 

"I don't need your judgement!" I pulled  tongue, taking a long swig of my drink, "I shall do what I want!"

Evan shook his head and turned away from me, watching the crowd awkwardly, "Have fun with that!" At that I saluted him and trudged off, looking to find someone fun. 

A few drinks later and I couldn't walk in a straight line, wobbling across the dance floor with my hands in the air, some guy getting down low to a song as others cheered him on. My hunt to find fun people had ended me up at a beerpong table (of which I was terrible at) and then proceeded to be handed several vodka shots after that.

"Whoop whoop!" I cheered, high-fiving some red headed girl I walked past, laughing for no apparent reason. 

"I think you have had enough," a voice said from behind me, grabbing my elbow as he steered me away from the crowd and loud noises. I turned to see who it was but couldn't make sense of the face, stumbling to the left into a wall as nausea hit me. 

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