"You can't be serious Mason," I spoke, holding my phone to my ear with my shoulder as I entered my oddly dark house. "The Caribbean? Isn't that a bit excessive for a wedding?"

"You clearly haven't met my mother," Mason retorted, the kids arguing in the background. "She's all about being extravagant and the talk of the-" Mason cut of, his voice getting softer to presumably speak to the kids, " No! Don't spit on her!"

I laughed, picturing one of the boys trying to spit on his sister, the other holding her down, "There's no ways I can go with to that!" We were continuing or argue from when I had left the park, insisting that I couldn't make them pay for me to go.

"It's too late, my mother has already said yes! And she'd be so upset if you backed out now, you're technically my first friend from here!"

"You already asked your mother?" I retorted, flabbergasted, "This was part of your plan all along!"

Mason chuckled on the other end, before speaking to someone on the other end, his voice muffled. "Look, I have to go, family things."

"Whatever, this discussion is not over!" I flicked on the kitchen light switch, looking around for my mother. "And I have to find the food provider, I'll speak to you at school tomorrow."

Mason groaned, "Don't remind me that its the 'M' word tomorrow."

"What? Monday?"

"Yes!" Mason yelled, "Its disgusting."

"Whatever, bye fool." I smirked, hanging up the phone as I walked up the stairs, a text showing up on my screen.

Mason: You're so rude :(

I typed a quick reply, shoving my phone into my back pocket: You deserved it for forcing me into this!

"Mom?" I called out, opening her bedroom door only to find the room dark and empty. "This is beyond weird," I mumbled, never once had she not been home without telling me about it. My feet echoed through the house as I went back to the kitchen, looking for a note or something. Nothing. Removing my phone, I dialled in her number, hearing it ring once before she answered.


"Mom?" I asked, hearing her weird tone, "Where are you?"

"Sky, I was just about to message you!" I heard her car in the background, she was on the phone whilst driving. "Something came up and I had to stay back at work late- I'll be home soon!"

"Are you alright? You sound off."

"I'll explain when I get there, I'm bringing pizza!" That's how I knew something was wrong, mom hated pizza and she knew coach would kill me if I ate any. "I'm driving so I need to go, be home soon!" She hung up before I could say anything, the beep screaming into my ear.

A few minutes later I heard her car pulling into the driveway, her silhouette showing up in the kitchen window and seconds later the front door could be heard opening. "Hey," my mother greeted, placing two pizza boxes down on the counter and kissing my forehead hastily. "I had to stay late at work to clean up."

"Whats wrong?" I cut to the chase, eyeing her wearily as she opened the pizza boxes, revealing my favourite meaty pizza and handing it over to me.

"Nothing is wrong!"

"Don't lie to me mom," I placed the box down on the counter crossing my arms, "You hate pizza and also going against my coaches diet. What's up?"

"It's not really something that is wrong, more that I have been given an opportunity." She looked at me, clearly worried about whatever I would think about her decisions.

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