"Enjoy cheer practice!" Evan called, waving goodbye as he lead his brother towards the football field where they would attempt to make the team.

"Is he waving at you or me?" A small voice besides me asked, hesitantly waving back. Let me introduce you to Tessa, Evan's new girlfriend. She's petite and has the biggest framed glasses constantly perched on the edge of her nose, not to mention is extremely slim with fiery red hair framing her porcelain face- it's no wonder Evan was so entranced with her.

"Seeing how he likes you and not me," I waved back at Mason, a grin on my face as she looked happily at me, "I'm gonna assume he was waving at you." I nudged her playfully as we headed towards the field, ready for practice.

Stacy was already there, shooting daggers at the traitor with her eyes as we approached. "Look at them!" Stacy grumbled to me as Tessa and I walked up to her, "How can he do that to you? Don't guys have a code or something?"

"Not ones like that!" I scoffed, tossing my towel and water bottle onto the bench as Sam kissed the traitor for what felt like a painfully long time, before running off to football practice. Clearing my throat, I called the girls into order and watched as they came forward in their regular groups.

"Right ladies!" I called out, hands on my hips as the stood before me, "Coach is absent, so you know what that means?" Instead of a one worded, monotonous reply, I received a cacophony of groans, all overlapping on another. "That is not an answer! What does that mean?"

An arm went up, a prominent voice to match it, "10 Laps around the field?"

"Correct!" I yelled with a grin, running was my favorite thing to do at practice- but I'm the only one who felt that way. Leading the pack, I took off at a light jog, going slow so they could keep up. Back in the day, my father held the track record at this same school, a title I kept to this day. "Come on ladies, work off those carbs!"

I was received with grunts and whines as their footsteps followed, huffs of air coming out after only the third lap. "We're going to have to do more fitness at this rate!" Whether they were all too tired to reply, or running had made their ears switch off, I received no reply as we trudged onwards.

Only a few managed to keep up until the end, when we overlapped the stragglers and jubilantly received our water bottles. "Good work ladies! Have a few moments rest and then we'll do some routines!" Tessa sat on the bleachers, doing some form of homework as we practiced. When I asked her about why she doesn't just go home, she told me that her parents want her to be more social and sporty so they think she actually does cheerleading. She even splashes her face before leaving so it appears she's been working out.

Anna huffed over the end point, barely catching her breath as she began to walk towards the football practice. "Anna!" I yelled, careful not to accidentally call her traitor, "Where do you think you're going?"

"I-I just needed to-uh-"

"That's what I thought," I gestured for her to come back, to which she slumped over but obeyed. Im not going to deny being jealous but satisfaction showed clearly on my face in my smug smile as I hypocritically watched the boys football from afar. Mason seemed to be kicking butt, catching the ball and tossing it forwards with ease. Evan was doing... Alright. He stumbled more times than I could count, occasionally nailing a good pass or dancing past the opposition. But still, he seemed better than our half-terrible current team.

"Back to work ladies!"

More groans.

"We made it!" Mason called upon seeing me walk towards their field. Practice had ended, much to everyone's happiness, and I had no choice but to depart home with the boys. "I knew we would make the team, but still!"

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