Party time

"A frantic woman phoned you earlier wondering where you were so I answered and told her you were at my house," Mason greeted me as I walked into his kitchen, yawning loudly.

"Where was my phone?" I asked curiously, standing across from him with a counter between us.

"In between the couch cushions, vibrating beneath my butt this morning," Mason slid it across the counter towards me, returning to look through the cupboards.

"Oh don't say you didn't enjoy it!" I said with a smirk, "I know some girls who would've!"

"Yeah," Mason retorted, "Bring those ones with you tonight!"

"Perv!" I mocked, unlocking my phone to see two missed calls and a couple messages. A thought hit me, "You didn't say that it was the house I was babysitting by chance?"

"Nope!" Mason gave me a wicked smile, "I said you were still in bed sleeping."

"Well thats just great, now I have some explaining to do!" I glared at him teasingly, dealing the memorised number as it begin to ring.

"Skylar," She picked up after the first ring, "Where have you been?! I send you babysitting and you end up at some guys house! I thought I raised you better I -"

"Mom take a chill pill!" I cut her short and heard her take a deep breath. "The guy that answered was the brother of the triplets- thanks for telling me by the way! I fell asleep at their house because it was too late last night that they wouldn't let me drive home."

"The pay was good, I didn't think you would mind that they were triplets!"

"That was a definitive contraceptive. No kids in my future." I teased, "Sorry but you lost out on grandchildren!"

"Don't over exaggerate Skylar Harrison!"

"Yeah okay, they weren't that bad once I drugged them up with-"

Expectedly, she cut me off, "Skylar Harrison-"

"I'm joking mom! Bye, love you!" I hung up before I got the typical lecture about drugs, placing my phone down on the countertop, "So what's for breakfast then?" I asked Mason, stomach grumbling at the mere mention of food. "Please say bacon!"

"Well what can you cook? Because I can't!"

"What do you mean you can't cook!" I shouted, leaning up across the counter, "You can't make me food?!"

"Well can't you cook?" He retorted, leaning against the counter, "I was hoping when you woke up that you would cook for me!"

"Don't stereotype woman to cook," I grumbled, looking around the kitchen for anything boxed and ready to eat. Getting up to investigate, I dug around the nearest cupboard, coming up empty handed.

"There's no use looking for any boxed goods," Mason said, disappointment lacing his tone, "I already triple checked this kitchen before you came in."

"Well then what are we supposed to devour?" I shut the cupboard, holding my belly as it growled. Before Mason could answer, Evan shuffled into the kitchen.

"You're still here?" He asked in greeting, shuffling towards the coffee machine whilst grabbing a mug on his way.

"Do you boys not know how to say good morning?" I replied, watching as he filled up his mug with a simple press of a button.

"In my defence," Mason interrupted, "I sat with you this morning so I have already seen you this morning so I do not need to say it!"

Ignoring the man who did not feed me, I answered Evan's question, "Your brother said it was too late and wouldn't let me leave, instead he interrogated me."

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