Spreading the Funny

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We all see them.  Those funny posts that people status and message on face book, myspace, gmail and anywhere else that they can find to share a laugh with their fellow friends and colleagues.

Over the last year or so, I have come across my fare share of these and some of them are hilariously funny, so funny that I literally laugh my ass off as the old adage go.  These are the ones that I think need to be shared, spread the funny I suppose, would be a good way of putting it. 

Some are off the wall, others have a lesson to be learned in the end and then there are the ones that are just meant to poke fun at some sort of governmental entity.  Anyhow, they make you laugh and every once in a while, a good laugh is needed to just get through the day. 

The following posts are not written by me and I make no claim that I am the author, writer or creator.  They are just simply things that I have found publicly posted and I thought they deserved to be shared.

So pull up a chair, put your drinks down and have a laugh with me.

You most definitely deserve it :)

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