Adrien's p.o.v

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I flop onto my bed, tired from such a long day. My Kwami, Plagg, flies out of my pocket. "Got any Camembert?" He asks, like he does what seems to be  every five seconds. "You asked that literally two minutes ago and I said no. My answer has not changed. Besides, I have other things to worry about."
"Like your date with Ladybug?" Plagg asks slyly
"It is NOT a date. She doesn't like me like that."
"That's why you need to love Camembert. It's delicious and dreamy and doesn't talk about annoying girl things."
"I'm not going to love cheese." I sigh. At least I'm used to it. Better get some sleep if I want to be on time for my meeting with ladybug.

Sorry this is so short the chapters will vary depending on the p.o.v I am writing from.

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