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The next day of school is completely normal. Nino is his upbeat self, Alya is as feisty as ever, though she does make a smug face every time I look at her. Marinette still acts weird around me, but I don't know why. She can't possibly know who I am. One person is enough. It was meant to be no people knowing who I am, so one is plenty.

Halfway through the fourth lesson, screams are heard outside. Alya nudges me and whispers "Better go find out what's happening, kitty cat." So only I can hear her. I glare at her then make up an excuse to leave. I see Alya smiling to herself as I exit the classroom. As I walk down, I hear another pair of feet. I turn around to see Marinette running past me. I am suspicious, but I need to focus on saving Paris.

Everything goes smoothly, but by the time the villain is defeated and the Akuma is de-evilised school has finished. I detransform to find messages from Nino telling me to meet him in the park and that Alya is coming. Great. Because I really need to see her smirk again. At least she is keeping my secret. Another text saying Marinette is coming too. Since the texts instruct me to be at the park at 4:30 and it is 4:29, I sprint to the park, Nino and Alya are there, but Marinette is yet to arrive. I join them, sitting on the end of the bench next to Nino, as far away from Alya as I can be. The sound of panting and a bright "Sorry I'm late Alya, Nino." Alerts us that Marinette has arrived. He eyes slide over the couple, then reach me. "Oh, hi Adrien!" She smiles and waves. And waves. And waves. After a full thirty seconds Alya pushes Marinette's hand down and pulls her onto the bench opposite me and Nino. "Okay, so since you weren't here." Alya begins, looking at me. I glare at her. She laughs slightly and continues. "We have a project to do and we were put in groups. As you are in our group we need to tell you the project. So, we have to make a presentation about what is good about Paris. Me and Nino decided, as you weren't there." Another stare from Alya. "We decided that we split into 2 pairs and both pairs make a list of the good things. Then, tomorrow at school, we will compare the lists and make one whole list.  That way we get all the ideas and we don't all have to be there." "Sounds cool!" Pipes up Marinette. She smiles, and I feel like I have seen that smile somewhere. It seems so familiar. Then I realise. A gasp escapes my lips, and everything fades, and I have a sensation of falling...falling.

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